Communication with Parents

The college views students as primarily responsible for the quality of their educational experience and the fulfillment of expectations that are accepted when enrollment is established at Alma. It also realizes the deep concern that parents hold for the total growth of a son or daughter and their normal progress through the college.

In recognition of this interest, it is expected that students will initiate communication with their parents when enrollment is discontinued or when circumstances exist that seriously jeopardize, or may seriously jeopardize if left unchanged, the successful fulfillment of expectations required for maintaining enrollment. When deemed desirable, a representative of the college will also communicate with parents in relation to the following circumstances:

  • Discontinuation of enrollment
  • Medical (including psychiatric) examinations required for the maintenance of enrollment
  • Violation of a college regulation and any subsequent judicial decision
  • Absence from the campus when there is reason to be concerned for the student’s well-being because the student’s whereabouts are unknown
  • Academic or disciplinary probation unless a student is deemed to be independent:
    • Mid-term and term grade reports will be sent to parents while a student is academically classified as a freshman or sophomore.
    • Copies of a student grade report will be sent to parents, regardless of the student’s year in college, whenever the student’s academic status is probationary.

NOTE: For the purpose of this statement, the word “parent” will also be interpreted to apply to guardians or caretaker for international students.

Last updated 7/23/2013