Campus Activities & Organizations

An important aspect of life at a residential liberal arts college is the time spent outside the classroom. To contribute to the total development of community members, these activities include a proper balance of educational, social, cultural, physical and spiritual pursuits. Toward these ends, many campus organizations have developed over the years. These groups play an integral part in the quality of life at Alma College. Learn more about student organizations >>

Establishing a Student Organization:
Before an organization may carry on a program of activities, it must have been officially chartered. An organization is chartered when the following conditions have been met:

  1. A constitution has been submitted to and approved by the Student Congress.
  2. The constitution has been submitted to and approved by the Student Affairs Committee as the agent for the college.
  3. One or more faculty advisors have been selected and approved by both Student Congress and the Student Affairs Committee. Small interest groups, such as discussion groups or informal associations, may be referred to the Student Congress for sponsorship.

All chartered organizations must abide by the following policies and procedures:

  1. Place its constitution on file with the Vice President for Student Affairs as the agent of the Student Affairs Committee. The file is open only to authorized agents of Student Congress or faculty.
  2. Report changes in officers, including a list of new officers, as soon as elected, to the Student Affairs Office.
  3. Submit all changes in its constitution to the Student Congress and to the Student Affairs Committee for approval.
  4. Submit a written report about functions and activities, signed by the faculty advisor, when called for by the Student Affairs Committee.

Any organization which fails to carry out its stated function will be considered defunct and must be re-chartered before resuming activity. Action to declare an organization defunct can be initiated by either the Student Congress or the Student Affairs Committee. A defunct, inactive or unchartered student organization cannot schedule activities or use college facilities.

Any organization’s activity violating college policy may result in the loss of that organization’s charter.

Last updated 7/23/2013