Room Change Process

The room change process is designed with two main considerations:

1. We want students to be happy on campus and satisfied with their living environment.

2. The process of having a roommate is valued as part of the college experience and the conflict resolution process in the living environment is an important part of the student development process. Within this process, students learn, grow, adapt, and become independent.

Room Changes:

  • Residents must contact their current Hall Director if they wish to change rooms.  They must also provide the Hall Director with reasons why they would like to move.
    • If the reason for a room change is due to a roommate conflict, the Hall Director or RA will work with the residents to resolve the conflict before reviewing the request to move.  A good faith effort must be made to resolve the roommate conflict.
  • All residents involved in the move must agree to the move, and also inform their roommate if they’re moving out.
  • Students may not move into single rooms.
  • Students may not move into empty double rooms without a roommate.
  • Freshmen and first year transfers are not allowed to move to South Complex or a Small Housing Unit.
  • Students cannot move into Wright Hall or other apartments.
  • The Hall Director in the residence hall where the desired room is located will review the request, and if the request is approved will help students arrange the logistics of potential moves.
  • Once you have been approved for a move, you must arrange a time to check out with your current RA and check in with your new RA to return your current room key, receive your new room key, and complete necessary paperwork.
  • Under no circumstances can students move/switch rooms without approval from the Student Life Office. Students who move without approval will be fined for improper checkout and non-compliance.

Housing Consolidation:
At any point in the calendar year the Student Life Office may require students living in rooms with open spaces to consolidate and find a roommate. For more information, please read the Housing Consolidation Policy.

Last updated 7/20/2017