Maintenance Inspections

The director of Facilities and Service Management and the staff of each residence hall are responsible for maintaining safe and sanitary conditions in students’ rooms. They are also responsible for repairing these rooms and their furnishings. For these reasons, the college reserves the right to inspect students’ rooms at regular intervals and to enter rooms at any time when emergency repairs appear or are called for by the staff.

All repair work is to be completed by members of the Facilities & Service Management staff, or by employees contracted through the Facilities & Service Management department. All Alma College students have access to submit work orders for their living spaces to have damages repaired to furniture in their rooms and residence halls that occur from regular use over time. Emergency repairs (clogged toilets, broken windows, heat and hot water problems, etc.) will be completed as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours of notification. Generally, other work orders will be completed within two weeks. There are times when a repair is too complex for the Facilities and Service Management staff or requires parts that are not stocked and may take longer than two weeks to resolve; please be patient.

Note that by placing a work order request, a student gives the Facilities & Service Management staff permission to enter their room or apartment without notice. Students may reserve the right to be present when work orders are being completed. This request must be made at the time of submitting the work order. Please note that in emergency situations, Facilities & Service Management staff may not be able to wait for the resident(s) of college housing unit to be present before addressing the issue(s).

Last updated 1/15/2018