Furniture Moving & Storage

Movement of Furniture within a Student’s Room:
Furniture located in Alma College housing units which is not permanently attached (bolted down or originally bolted down) may be moved within a student’s room as long as such movement does not result in trundling of beds (reversed) or in any way damage furniture or use it in fashions for which it is not intended. In cases of doubt, students should check with the hall director of their building or a representative of the Student Life Office before using their furniture in any fashion for which it was not originally intended.

In no case should furniture be removed from the building or room in which it was originally located except by the provisions provided for in this statement. Students will be held fully accountable for the condition of their room and furnishings within their room during their period of occupancy. It will be the obligation of the student to make sure that the Room Inventory Forms provided to them at the beginning of their residence in the room accurately assess the condition of their room and furnishings as of the time they took possession of their room. All furniture provided for the room must stay in the room. Any damage to a student’s room or the furnishings therein will be billed to the student according to the current rates established by the college in order that the college may repair or replace the student’s room and its furnishings to their original condition.

Storage of Removed Furniture:
Due to the limited amount of space on campus, storage of room furniture is not permitted. Exceptions to this rule are for personal belongings of those students who live out of state or abroad, which may only be stored over the summer and only with approval from the hall director of the building. Should a student remove bolted or unbolted furniture from his/her room without prior written permission, he or she will be eligible for a $50 fine, plus costs, as well as possible disciplinary action being taken against them.

Bunk beds should not be trundled (reversed) as this weakens the posts and increases the likelihood of structural damage to them. A fine of $25 per item will be assessed to students who appropriate furnishings and/or equipment designated for general student use, together with possible disciplinary action. During checkout, a fine of $25 will be assessed if furniture is not returned to the position it was in during check-in.

Last updated 7/21/2016