Electrical Equipment

Tampering with any electrical equipment of the college will result in judicial action. The following equipment may be brought into your residence hall room:

  1. Heat-producing appliances: only irons, electric blankets, hair curlers, hair dryers, hair straighteners, hot pots, and popcorn poppers are permitted in student rooms.
  2. One microwave is permitted in each student room as long as it draws no more than 1000 watts.
  3. One refrigerator is permitted in each student room if it is no more than five cubic feet in size and draws no more than 1.7 amps. These units are intended for limited storage of snack items, medicines, etc. Preparation of meals and storage of perishable foods in residence rooms is not permitted. For sanitation reasons, you should unplug, empty, defrost, and clean your refrigerator anytime you go home over a break.
  4. Stereos and speakers are permitted in student rooms, but we expect you to exercise utmost consideration in their use. Every student is responsible for maintaining an atmosphere within the residence hall which is conducive to study and respectful of the needs of others. Stereos and radios should be played at moderate volume levels. We encourage you to use headphones.

We also encourage you to carefully read through the Fire Safety Codes and Fire Drills Policy section of this handbook where important information on extension cords and use of outlets may be found.

Last updated 1/12/2018