Because your room is your “home away from home,” the college permits and encourages you to create a comfortable and pleasant living space. When decorating your room, we would like you to observe the following precautions:

  1. Please do not hang anything from the ceiling. The soft, acoustical material is easily damaged, and charges will be assessed for repairs and painting.
  2. Please do not put nails or screws into the walls or ceiling. Please refrain from using duct, transparent, double-sided or packaging tape, etc., as they will damage the paint and leave adhesive residue, which will result in charges for repair to the damaged area.
  3. We have found that products like 3M’s Command Adhesive hooks work well for mounting bulletin boards, banners, etc., and are non-marring and easily removable. To install posters, pictures, etc., removable adhesive putty is recommended.
  4. Area rugs or a large piece of carpeting for your room are acceptable.
  5. In the hallway, please only post or place decorative items on the door to your room.

Last updated 7/21/2016