Students may decorate their living space (including residence hall rooms, apartments, and small houses), provided that decorations adhere to the following guidelines. These expectations will help prevent living areas from being damaged.

  1. Students are prohibited from using transparent tape, mounting tape, two sided tape, duct tape, masking tape and packaging tape.
  2. Students may not use any hanging or decorating materials that require or create holes in walls, furniture, or any fixtures in the residence halls (ex: nails, screws, push pins, etc.). Pushpins are permitted on college-provided bulletin boards only, but may not push through into the wall.
  3. Students should use painters tape, adhesive putty, and 3M adhesive devices to hang items. Decorations that adhere to this policy are permitted in all spaces except for the Opera House. No decorations may be hung from the walls in the Opera House.
  4. No paneling or tapestry is permitted in any college-owned or -approved housing units.
  5. Area rugs or a large piece of carpeting for your room are permitted as long as they do not use nails, staples, adhesives, or other installation methods that may cause damage to floors, walls, trim, or other components of the room.

Students are responsible for all damages that occur in their living space, including any damages that result from using recommended hanging/decorating materials. Any costs to repair these damages will be billed to the student’s account. Students should use care when removing all hanging/decoration materials to avoid causing damage.

Last updated 8/13/2019