Bill of Rights for Roommates

Basic rights of a roommate include:

1. The right to read and study free from undue interference in one’s room. Unreasonable noise and other distractions inhibit the exercise of this right.

2. The right to sleep without undue disturbance from noise, guests of roommate, etc.

3. The right to expect that a roommate will respect one’s personal belongings.

4. The right to a clean environment in which to live.

5. The right to free access to one’s room and facilities without pressure from a roommate.

6. The right to personal privacy.

7. The right to host guests with the expectation that guests are to respect the rights of the host’s roommate and other hall residents.

8. The right for redress of grievances. Residence hall staff are available for assistance in settling conflicts.

9. The right to be free from fear of intimidation, physical and/or emotional harm.

10. The right to expect reasonable cooperation in the use of any shared items, as agreed upon by the roommates in the Roommate Agreement.

REMEMBER: Mature adults accept responsibility for the welfare of others. Only you can assure that your roommate enjoys those rights.

Last updated 7/20/2017