Section V: House Regulations

Because Alma College is primarily a residential college, all students must live in college-owned housing unless they are approved for off campus residence by the Residency Exemption Committee. Rooms in residential facilities are assigned to each student for the academic year. A voluntary change in room assignment must be approved by the Student Affairs Office staff before any change is made. If a student moves without getting the approval from the Student Affairs Office staff they will be charge with an improper check-out and a $75 fee will be posted to the student’s account. The college reserves the right to make changes in room assignments when it deems it is necessary, but it will notify the affected students in advance of these changes whenever possible.

Your Room:
The room in which you will be living this year is intended to be your “home away from home.” The college places some restrictions on what you can do with your room to meet health and safety standards. Also, since students may change rooms during the year with approval, rooms must be kept in good condition enabling the next occupant to move in without requiring the college maintenance staff to make repairs. When you move in, your room will contain a bed, desk, dresser and chair for your use. The walls will be painted in a somewhat neutral color and the floors, windows and ceiling will be clean and in good repair. We expect that your “home away from home” will be in the same condition when you move out. Maintaining your room in good condition is your responsibility. If any damage is done to your room or its furnishings, you will be charged. Students must vacate their residence hall room within 24 hours after they have completed the residence hall withdrawal process or within 24 hours after their course work ends. Students residing in residence halls for varsity sports over Spring Term must vacate their residence hall room within 24 hours of their last scheduled game. Any exceptions to this rule must be cleared by the Vice President for Student Affairs. Violations of this rule will result in additional room charges and a possible fine. Also, if common areas of the residence hall (hallways, bathrooms, etc.) are damaged and specific responsibility for the damage cannot be pinpointed, you and your fellow residents may be charged.

Last updated 6/1/2017