Campus Safety & Security

While the college attempts to provide a safe campus environment, it cannot guarantee one’s safety. Every student must exercise good judgment, common sense and take reasonable precautions to protect themselves and their property. The college employs a full-time security staff, who is part of SST Security. Campus Safety & Security is available 24/7 and can be reached by dialing x7777 from any on-campus phone or (989) 463-7777 from any other phone.

Take steps to protect yourself when walking or jogging:

  • Go with someone
  • Try to stay near streetlights
  • Protect your valuables
  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash
  • Report suspicious activity to any hall director or to Campus Security

If you are being followed:

  • Cross the street
  • Change direction
  • Keep looking back so you cannot be surprised
  • Go to a well-lit area
  • Notice and remember as much as possible about the person so you can give a good description
  • Report suspicious activity to any hall director or to Campus Security

Protect your personal property:

  • Lock your doors
  • Make a list of your valuables
  • Engrave your valuables with an ID number
  • Don’t leave your belongings unattended in libraries, hallways, gym facilities or classrooms

Protect your bicycle:

  • Always lock it
  • Record the description, serial number and registration number
  • Store it in the bicycle shed when not in regular use

Protect your car:

  • Always lock your car
  • Lock valuables in the trunk

Campus vandalism and theft end up costing you. Students pay for school property through tuition and fees. Damage and theft raise educational costs and students are often the ones who pay for those increases. Be alert for:

  • Vandalism – report any instances of vandalism to any hall director or to Campus Security immediately.
  • False Fire Alarms – endanger everyone and increase the costs of fire protection. A false alarm is not a joke, it is a crime.
  • Please report any suspicious people or activities to the Student Life Office or Campus Security.

Last updated 1/12/2018