Accessible Residential Accommodations

Alma College strives to provide the best possible living environment to those students who have documented disabilities. Students in need of special accommodations are required to provide the appropriate documentation for their disability (be it medical, counseling, or learning disability) from the appropriate physician or counselor to the Student Life Office when applying for or renewing their housing assignment. When the documentation is presented and approved, the student will receive appropriate accommodation for their documented disability. Medical and counseling related disabilities take precedence in assigning accommodations. In the rare case that the college cannot accommodate the student’s request, an option for Residency Exemption will be given to the student.

The college will provide accessible housing for students with mobility related impairments. The college will also provide an accessible venue for any college programs scheduled to occur in campus housing that is not readily accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities. More information on the college’s housing plan for students with mobility-related impairments can be obtained from:

Center for Student Opportunity
Tyler-VanDusen Campus Center
Phone: (989) 463-7247
Fax: (989) 463-7247

Last updated 7/23/2013