The Student Conduct Process

Below are the basic components of the student conduct process:

  1. Student Life Office receives documentation of a possible policy violation involving student
  2. The Student Conduct Coordinator or their designee reviews the documentation, generates a charge letter, and sends the charge letter to the student’s College email address. The charge letter describes the specific policies the student allegedly violated, the online location of the relevant policies, and the steps required to schedule a conduct conference.
  3. During the conduct conference, student will meet with the Student Conduct Coordinator to go over all documentations and explain the conduct process. The student will be able to choose to:
    • Take responsibility for the policy violation(s) and waive the right to a hearing; or
    • Request a formal hearing; or
    • In some circumstances, elect to participate in the conflict resolution process
  4. The Student Conduct Coordinator will email the student a conference conclusion letter describing the outcome of the conduct conference and instructions for future steps.

The description above is a generic outline and does not reflect the process for all cases. The conduct process will vary by hearing agent, case, and violation. Some more severe incidents may be investigated before a charge letter is generated.

Last Updated 2/5/2018