Section III: Conduct & Appeal Process

Student Conduct at Alma College:
The steps followed at Alma College to resolve formal disciplinary matters are called the conduct process. This process exists to assure that all students of our community who find themselves in conflict with the community’s standards are treated with respect and fairness. All such conflicts are resolved by members of the Alma College community in a system which, though avoiding the formalities and complexities of a legal process, nevertheless aims to respect the dignity of the individual as well as personal and community rights. With heavy reliance on the honesty of all participants, it is assumed that reasonable people, properly informed, can and will make judgments in the best interest of the College community.

The formal responsibility for discipline has been delegated to the Student Life Office. All possible disciplinary matters begin with a complaint filed with a member of the Student Life staff or by any member of the College community. Each complaint is reviewed and investigated when appropriate. If formal disciplinary action seems called for, then the student or group alleged to have violated College policy is notified by a staff member of the Student Life Office that the matter is being referred to an appropriate hearing agent or judicial body.

The Conduct Process contained in Section III of the Student Handbook has been set in place and is to be considered binding on all parties. The Conduct Process will be utilized for all disciplinary proceedings except cases involving civil rights violations such as discrimination, harassment, and/ or sexual misconduct, which will proceed under the Civil Rights Grievance Policy and Procedures.

Philosophy of Student Conduct:
Alma College seeks to create a secure, educational environment where students grow as responsible citizens and leaders. Student Conduct policies and processes encourage students to learn and take responsibility for their own success and the success of their community. College is a time of growth and exploration which include behavioral choices that do not always reflect an individual’s character. Thus, the conduct process seeks corrective and educational remedies, rather than simply punitive measures. Alma College hopes that students take advantage of the opportunity to further develop their integrity and a sense of personal responsibility. Still, some circumstances require student and community safety as our priority. When students engage in behavior that disrespects or threatens the safety of themselves or others the Colleges begins the Student Conduct process.

The Student Conduct process ensures that all members of our community receive fair and respectful treatment and is intended to protect the safety and well-being of all campus constituents. With respect to this philosophy and the College’s mission, the following policies and procedures were developed.

Last Updated 1/12/2018