Threat Policy

Alma College is committed to promoting a safe and secure work and learning environment. All employees, students and visitors are expected to treat students, employees, coworkers, supervisors, managers, and all other contacts at the College in a respectful and civil way. Under no circumstance will violence and/or threatening behavior be tolerated. Such acts or language will be thoroughly investigated and appropriate actions taken to address any such threatening behavior.  

For the purposes of this Policy, an expressed or implied threat to interfere with:  

  1. The health or safety of a campus community member;  
  1. The property of the College; and/or  
  1. Property on College premises belonging to others,

constitutes impermissible threatening behavior when such a threat causes a reasonable apprehension or fear that such interference will occur. The college reserves the right to determine if particular actions are considered violent or threatening behavior. Therefore a person making a threat should have no expectation of privacy. Such behavior may manifest itself in words and actions including, but not limited to:  

  • Repeated abusive or profane language;  

  • Ominous obsession with violent themes;  

  • Allusions to violence against self or others;  

  • Fighting or assault;  

  • Aggression, intimidation, or hostile behavior;  

  • Persistent inappropriate anger or conflict;  

  • Dangerous pranks or aggressive horseplay; and/or  

  • Possession of firearms or other weapons on college property or at college-sponsored events. Firearms and weapons are defined under the Firearms and Weapons policy.  

Any members of the campus community that are aware of conduct that may constitute threatening behavior should notify any of the following:  

  • Vice President for Student Affairs;  

  • Director of Campus Life;  

  • The Administrator on Duty (989-560-5972);  

  • Any member of the College’s Human Resources staff;  

  • Any member of the College’s Student Life Staff (including Hall Directors and Resident Assistants); and/or  

  • Security Manager or any member of the Campus Safety staff.  

Members of the campus community should also immediately contact local law enforcement (911) in the event of any emergency situations.  
All reports of potential threatening behavior shall be immediately forwarded to the Vice President for Student Affairs or their designee. The Vice President for Student Affairs or designee will collect preliminary investigative information, which may include but is not limited to:  

  • Criminal history check and police contact history  

  • Weapon Ownership and purchase dates  

  • Student Conduct history check  

  • Retention Alert history check  

  • Interviews to determine the existence of collaborating evidence  

If the it is determined that a member of the campus community has engaged in threatening behavior, the Vice President for Student Affairs or their designee is empowered to take all reasonable and necessary action, as approved by a majority of that team, to remediate the threatening behavior, including but not limited to:  

  • Written or verbal warnings;  

  • No-contact restrictions;  

  • Restriction of use of certain campus facilities;  

  • Communication with designated emergency contact;  

  • Prohibiting presence on campus; and/or  

  • Contacting the appropriate law enforcement authorities   

Additionally, The Vice President for Student Affairs, or their designee, is empowered to independently take any immediate interim action they deem reasonable and necessary to remediate the threatening behavior.  

Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action beyond the interim measures taken by the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee. Potential sanctions include but are not limited to continuation of the interim steps, suspension, expulsion, and/ or educational measures.  

Last updated 3/10/2017