Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct

A Message from the Alma College President:

Providing a safe and positive environment for students, faculty and staff is our highest priority at Alma College and we comply with all relevant federal and state laws. Titles VII and IX of the Civil Rights Act are designed to protect equality of educational opportunity for all students and of employment for faculty and employees.

Information about the college’s policy and procedures is available on this website: https://www.alma.edu/civil-rights/.

I want to assure you that the college takes all reports of sexual assault, misconduct or violence very seriously and that we promptly and thoroughly investigate all allegations.

We all have a responsibility to keep the campus safe. The college welcomes your help in accomplishing this important task. Please share any questions or concerns with the Title IX Coordinator or with me.

Jeff Abernathy

For students involved in cases of discrimination, harassment and/or sexual misconduct that began before April 1, 2015, the previous policy remains in effect through the resolution of the case.