Residential/Campus Housing Inspections Policy

The Vice President for Student Affairs, or a designated agent of the Student Life Office, may at any time conduct inspections of any residential housing unit. An inspection can take place at any time and the residents/student’s presence is not required for such a check to take place. Reasons for such checks may include but is not limited to: a health and safety inspection to identify potential toxins within the housing unit (chemicals, perishable food items, etc.), safety/security risks (weapons, unlocked windows or doors, etc.) investigation for the purpose of a student conduct case or legal process, ensuring the that students carried out proper break check out or move-out procedures (defrosted refrigerators/freezers, disposed of trash, unplugged electrical devices to save energy, locked windows and door, etc.) or if there is a reasonable suspicion that residents may have violated college policy, local, state, or federal law. If policy violations are found or observed while inspections are taking place, residents of the housing unit or the responsible individuals will be subject to the conduct process or legal consequences.

Last updated 10/1/2013