Removal from Campus Housing Policy

Alma College may terminate your housing agreement for several reasons. If you are removed from college housing, you will be required to move out of the residence hall, apartment or small housing unit within 48 hours after receiving notice of your removal from college housing. Should you be involved in any other policy violation(s) or be disruptive in any way prior to your leaving the housing unit, you will be required to leave immediately.

Removal from housing due to policy violation:
Failure to follow policies written in the Student Handbook or any other college policy or rule can result in your removal from college housing. Students involved in a policy violation will go through the conduct process at Alma College which will determine if removal from college housing is necessary.

Residents removed from college housing for reasons of conduct are financially responsible for that semester’s room cost. Once you are removed from college housing, you may not be eligible to live in or visit any residence hall, apartment or small housing unit.

Behaviors and choices you make may result in being removed from college housing due to the safety and security risks to our communities or members of our community. You can be removed from college housing even if it’s your first offense.

Examples include:

  • Tampering with fire safety equipment or devices. This includes, but is not limited to: creating false fire alarms or discharging fire extinguishers or tampering, covering or disabling smoke detectors.
  • Bomb threats
  • Possession of large amounts of alcohol beyond single-serving size, despite your age
  • Repeated use or possession of alcohol, to include as few as two times
  • Possessing, using, selling or distributing any legal prescription (outside of prescribed instructions), including marijuana, or non-prescription drug or illegal drug, synthetic drug, controlled substance. If it is in your room, your pocket or anywhere else under your control, it is considered to be yours.
  • Possession of a weapon. This includes simulated weapons, disabled weapons, dangerous chemicals, any explosive device, nunchucks, swords, brass knuckles, knives (including butterfly knives), guns, paint ball guns, pellet guns and any other material that can be used to threaten or endanger others.
  • Theft (including identity theft)
  • Harassment
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Stalking
  • Defacing or damaging property
  • Behavior that endangers or possibly endangers members of the community.
  • Acts of individual violence or domestic violence
  • Physically hurting or causing injury, sexual assault/misconduct, fighting, pushing/shoving, etc.
  • Repeated violations of college policies

In the event that a student becomes involved in the student conduct process or alleged criminal charges, Alma College reserves the right to remove students from campus housing on an interim basis based solely on a review of available information. In addition, the Vice President for Student Affairs, or an agent of the Student Affairs Office, reserves the right to issue a summary suspension from campus housing or from Alma College. This action may be taken based solely on a review of available information while awaiting a student conduct hearing or legal proceedings. Both interim removal from campus housing and summary suspension from Alma College may be enacted in order to protect all students involved and the greater campus community, and will remain in effect until the conduct process or legal process is successfully resolved.

Removal from housing due to non-payment of fees on the student account:
Students who are removed from college housing due to non-payment of fees on their student account are ineligible to return to campus housing. If already on campus, they have 48 hours to remove their belongings and themselves from Alma College property. Once the debt is cleared through the Business Office, the student will be eligible to reapply for campus housing. The decision as to placement of the student back into housing rests with the Student Affairs Office and will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Removal from housing due to no longer being a student:
Individuals who are no longer a student at Alma College for any reason are no longer eligible to live in campus housing. If a non-student is found to be living on campus, they will have 48 hours to leave the premise. Once removed from college housing, the person may become ineligible to live in or visit any residence hall, apartment, or small housing unit in the future.

Housing Removal Process:
If at any time an Alma College student is academically, financially or judicially separated from the institution, it is the student’s responsibility to initiate the necessary steps to move out of campus housing.

  1. If the student fails to remove themselves within the 48 hour time period, a college representative along with campus security will make contact with the student and discuss appropriate arrangements to facilitate the move-out process.
  2. If contact cannot be made within 24 hours, the college reserves the right to remove belongings and change the lock on the housing unit at the student’s expense.
  3. If the above processes are not effective in removing the student from campus, the former student is considered trespassing and the Alma City Police Department will be contacted to remove the student from Alma College property immediately.

Please Note:
Charges can be applied to the student’s account for removal of belongings, cleaning of the housing unit, changing of door lock(s) and non-compliance.

Last updated 1/10/2018