Noise Policy

Excessive noise which is disruptive to campus life in any way is not permitted.

Between 10pm and 7am Sundays through Thursdays, and between 12am and 7am Fridays and Saturdays: no noise should be so great within any housing unit that residents of that unit are disrupted from studying or sleeping. Exceptions to these provisions may be granted with prior consent from the building’s specific hall director. Each living unit (corridor, quad, floor, hall, house, apartment) may establish any additional quiet/consideration hours as long as these hours are agreed upon by the residents of that unit, the hall director, and Vice President for Student Affairs.

Any musical instrument, machine, or device (i.e. stereo, amplifier, subwoofers, bass, drums, etc.) designed and/or used for the production or reproduction of sound/noise shall only be audibly heard inside the confines of each individual residential housing unit (i.e. room, house, apartment). This policy is in effect at all times. Continued misconduct may lead to the confiscation of any musical instrument, machine or device until it can be properly removed from campus.

Last updated 1/10/2018