Purchasing Card Policy (Student)

Alma College has established a Purchase Card (P-card) program to provide convenience and controls for student groups and organizations. The P-card is designed to eliminate the need for requisitions, purchase orders and personal reimbursements.

How It Works:
P-cards are available to check out from Sara Killingsworth in the Business Office, located in the Student Services Center in the lower level of Hamilton commons. The business office highly recommends students requesting the use of a P-card be an office holder of the student group or organization they are requesting the P-card be taken out for.

Students must bring their IDs when picking up the P-card. Cards are to be returned to the business office within 24 hours, the student that checked out said P-card becomes subject to consequences administered by the business office regarding their ability to check out P-cards in the future. Receipts are to be turned in with the card, and copies for your records will be made upon request. Students will need to provide a fully filled-out P-card approval form with the budget number, group/organization name, and description of the purchase, such as supplies for an event including the event name, upon request for a P-card.

When checking out the P-card, you are responsible for ALL charges made to that card for  the time period it is in your possession. DO NOT give the card to anyone else to use!

This is important due to the increase in fraudulent credit card transactions. You need to be aware of all charges made while the card is in your possession. There are enough cards for groups to check out so passing the card to other students is not allowed. If more than one person from a group needs a card they must check out their own. If there is evidence to support the card is being passed around or the card information is being saved for use later Student Congress and Student Life will be notified immediately by email and the entire group/organization will lose p-card privileges until the issue has be reviewed by the Student Conduct Process.

All receipts will need to have detail as to what was purchased. For example if you go to a local convenience store such as 7-11 or Mackenzie’s a detailed receipt must be provided, just the credit card authorization slip is not sufficient. When using the card at a restaurant a detailed receipt of what was ordered must be turned in, just the credit card authorization slip is not sufficient. Providing the detailed receipts will avoid any questionability as to the validity of the purchases. If we find charges to be questionable the student who checked out the card will be responsible for repaying the cost to the college and possible judicial sanctions.

If the card is lost or stolen, contact Sara Killingsworth immediately. Each student will be given her contact information including cell phone to contact after business hours. Please do not hesitate to call.

Transaction Limits and Allowable Purchases:
The standard limits for a single purchase of $500.00 will apply to all cards. If an instance arises where a large purchase needs to be made, written approval must come from the group/organizations advisor and/or the Student Life Office to Sara Killingsworth, email approval is acceptable.

It is important to keep track of purchases throughout the month, Pcard transactions are loaded to the budgets the following month. Contact Sara if you need the pending transaction totals before they are available in the portal. Copies of receipts are available but please give Sara a minimum of 24 hours of notice.

Purchases must follow the guidelines and rules of each group/organization. Common uses of the card will be:

  • Event Supplies
  • Conferences Expenses
  • All travel arrangements are to be booked through Sara in the Business Office or by your advisor
  • Dues & Membership

Loss of privileges due to failure of returning card/receipts on time or passing the card  around:

  • 1st Offense: Lose card privileges for one month
  • 2nd Offense: Lose card privileges for remainder of term
  • 3rd Offense: Lose card privileges for remaining time as student for all groups/organizations

Sanctions and/or possible prosecution by Alma College:

  • Purchases of alcohol, tobacco or other unauthorized items.
  • Violation of group/organization rules in regards to purchases
  • Student Congress/Student Life notifies the Business Office of suspension of privileges
  • Keeping credit card information to be used at a later date

The P-card must never be used to purchase items for personal use or for non-college purposes, even if the intent is to reimburse the college.

If a student makes an unauthorized purchase with a P-card or uses the card in an inappropriate manner, they will be subject to disciplinary action as listed above, including possible charges to student account for the amount of the inappropriate purchase. When appropriate, notification of fraudulent use will be shared with both the Campus Security and with the Alma Police Department for possible criminal prosecution.

Charges will be reviewed by the Business Office; they will be responsible for entering the expense descriptions and allocating to the budget number provided by the student. The Student Life Office will review and sign off on charges made to student purchasing card.

Records Retention:
All Expense Reports and supporting receipts will be kept in the Business Office for the current fiscal year and two complete prior fiscal years. Please submit a request to Sara by email if you need copies of prior years’ receipts.

Any questions regarding P-cards can be directed to Sara Killingsworth at killingsworthse@alma.edu or (989) 463-7320.

Last updated 1/10/2018