Posting & Chalking Policy

If a club wishes to advertise an event via email, the event’s information must be sent to Lori Hick or Roxann Fatchett-Harrington. Lori or Roxann will gather all the events that clubs wish to advertise, and will put these events into one text document, and this document will be sent to campus. There will be two emails per week. The emails will be sent out on Monday and Thursday. A club can request an email be sent out to campus if a mistake is made in the document, or if the club’s event is changed.

Poster Advertisement:
All posters must include the club’s name. Posters cannot break the fire code, be posted on non-man made structures, be posted on memorial structures, including clocks, or cover other club’s posters. Posters cannot be hung on a painted structure unless they are hung with painters tape. If a poster is offensive, breaking a fire code, covering another groups poster, or breaking the tape rule, the vice-president of student congress should be contacted, who will then contact the club.

All campus text cannot be sent out by clubs.

Students may chalk messages only on campus sidewalks. Students should replace old messages rather than extend to other surfaces. Failure to do so may result in the persons or organization responsible being charged for the cost of removal of the messages and possible student conduct action.

Last updated 1/12/2018