Personal Property Policy

Members of the Alma College community are expected to act with consideration for the property of the college and of individual persons. The following offenses are regarded as serious:

1. Willful or careless misuse, damage or destruction of the property of others or of the college, including the deliberate defacement of library materials, buildings, sidewalks, walls, trees or furnishings. The penalty for willful or careless damage will ordinarily include charges for replacement or repair plus disciplinary action.

2. The deliberate setting of unapproved fires, including bonfires, on college property, even where human life is not deliberately endangered.

3. Theft or unauthorized borrowing or conspiracy to commit theft. While the college does not assume responsibility for losses incurred by students which may result from vandalism or theft, it will support actions taken against those persons responsible for such activities whether such action is commenced through the campus conduct system and/or by the local police. Personal belongings of students are not covered under the college insurance policy. The college assumes no responsibility for personal property that is damaged or destroyed by theft, vandalism, fire, smoke, rain, wind, hail or water. Check with your homeowner’s insurance as to whether your belongings are insured. It is recommended that students procure their own renter’s insurance to protect their belongings in the case of damage or theft. Alma College is in full compliance with Section 485f of the Student Right-to-know and Campus Security Act of the Federal Government and annually makes available statistical information on campus crime.

Last updated 10/1/2013