Motor Vehicle Policy

Any member of the Alma College community ( i.e., student resident/commuter, fraternity/sorority member, faculty/administrative staff, non-academic personnel, and Sodexo or Bookstore employees) choosing to park a motor vehicle, motorcycle, or moped on college property must register the vehicle and obtain an Alma College parking permit. The student parking permits must be completely affixed to the inside window on the driver’s left side of the vehicle. Motorcycle and moped permit locations will be assigned on an each-vehicle basis. Current rates for parking permits may be obtained from Facilities and Service Management. Please refer to the campus parking lot map for all parking locations.

Parking spaces will be used on a first come, first served basis. A lack of space in the parking lots is not a legitimate reason for illegal parking. If there is no permissible parking space in the student lot by your building, you need to drive to one of the other lots that correspond to the colored permit you have purchased.

Vehicle Registration:
1. Vehicle registration for the next school year begins in April.

On the Facilities and Service Management website, you can complete the online vehicle registration and payment after you have been given a housing assignment for the following academic year. Please present your Alma college-issued Student ID card when picking up your permit.

2. City lots are available for student parking during the school year. Please contact the City at (989) 463-8336 for cost, lot location, and application for a permit.

3. Two-day overnight visitor passes for family and/or friends who will be parking on campus are available at Facilities and Service Management. Visitors must park only in Visitor Parking spots. Visitor vehicles parked in any other parking lot will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

4. Students who change cars must return the old permit to Facilities and Service Management before the new permit can be issued. Permits are non-transferable.

5. Students who no longer need their parking permit must remove their permit from the vehicle and turn it into Facilities and Service Management. A pro-rated refund will be in the form of a check to the student or applied to the student’s account if so desired.

6. Vehicles parked in campus lots must be licensed and in running condition to comply with the parking ordinance of the City of Alma. The improper or reckless use of a motor vehicle on the Alma College campus may result in disciplinary action.

7. Students with the appropriate State-issued temporary or permanent handicap parking permits may park in any handicap designated space on campus. The student must also register their vehicle with the Facilities and Service Management and purchase a student parking permit.

Motor Vehicle Regulations for Students:
In order to provide for the protection of pedestrians and to avoid unnecessary expense for campus maintenance, it is the policy of the college that motor vehicles are not permitted to be operated or parked on campus malls, sidewalks and lawns. The following vehicles may be operated on campus malls, sidewalks and lawns without special approval by Facilities and Service Management.

  • Emergency vehicles (police, fire, medical, etc.)
  • Approved vehicles for handicap use
  • Certain maintenance and operating vehicles
  • Snow removal and grass cutting equipment

Students may be subject to fines for not complying with the Alma College motor vehicle regulations. Fines are immediately due and payable at the Student Services Center in the basement of Hamilton during normal business hours.

Anyone that does not comply with the campus parking policy and posted parking signage car will be  booted without notice at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Report all vehicle accidents, losses or vandalism to Security.

Alma College assumes no liability for loss or damage to vehicles parked on campus.

Handicap Parking Policy:
Any vehicle parked in a designated handicap parking space on the Alma College campus must display a permanent handicap plate or current temporary State of Michigan Handicap Parking permit hang tag. Any vehicle parked in one of these reserved spaces without the appropriate State of Michigan Handicap permit will be ticketed and towed.

Overnight parking is prohibited on all City streets from November 1–April 1. An extended ban is in effect on the west side of Harvard Street and other neighboring streets. Be aware of City parking signs when parking on streets adjacent to the campus.

Last updated 1/10/2018