Identification Card & Keys Policy

Identification Cards:
At the time of enrollment, each student will be issued a student identification key card. This card must be presented at all dining halls for each meal; at the library to check out books; at the Business Office to obtain student paychecks; at the Mail Room when receiving registered mail, certified mail, and packages; to enter the registration line; and to any member of the Alma College staff upon request. The identification card is also used to admit students to many of the campus activities and events. The Identification card also allows students access to the residence halls. Students using identification key cards not belonging to them, lending their ID key cards, or in any way misrepresenting or refusing to identify themselves will be subject to disciplinary action. Replacements of lost or damaged ID key cards may be obtained through the Sodexo Food Services Office for $75.

The duplication of any Alma College distributed and/or owned keys is prohibited. 

Students are expected to be responsible for any keys issued to them. Lost or misplaced keys must be reported to the hall director or house manager. Replacement keys and lock cores will be ordered through Facilities and Service Management at the student’s expense. Costs for key replacements are described below.

Students in possession of unauthorized keys will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion, fines, and possible criminal charges. Fines for possession of unauthorized keys or failure to turn in keys used in offices, labs or student service areas at the end of the term will be applied to your student account.

Only authorized lock hardware may be installed on college property. All others will be removed. This includes, but is not limited to building/housing keys (room or exterior entrance keys), key cards, mailbox key, etc

Procedures for students:

  1. Residence halls and small housing keys/cards are authorized by the vice president for student affairs and hall directors. Students are authorized to have keys/cards to the outside door and their private rooms. Resident assistants may have other keys/cards as authorized by the vice president for student affairs and hall directors.
  2. Keys/cards for student organization offices must be authorized by the vice president for student affairs and are issued by Facilities & Service Management.
  3. Keys/cards for academic and administrative buildings must be authorized by the responsible vice president or their designee and issued through Facilities & Service Management. Master keys/cards will not be issued to students.
  4. All keys/cards must be returned to the issuing authority upon:
    1. separation from the college,
    2. the end of the school term,
    3. request of the issuing authority.
  5. Key/card exchanges between students are prohibited. Anyone found to have violated this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.
  6. Students who fail to return their key before changing their campus residence location or leaving Alma College, or students who lose their key during the year are responsible for the cost of re-coring the locks of their housing unit and for the cost of replacement keys.

Housing Re-core Costs for 2018-2019

To re-core a lock in a residence hall, the replacement cost is $48.00. The cost to cut each new key is $7.95. Total costs are as follows: 

All Residence Halls (Except Wright Hall and Wright Avenue Apartments):

  • Single Room = $55.95 (1 new lock & 1 new keys) 
  • Double Room = $63.90 (1 new lock & 2 new keys) 
  • Triple Room = $71.85 (1 new lock & 3 new keys) 
  • Quad Room = $79.80 (1 new lock & 4 new keys)

Wright Hall:

  • 2 Bedroom Suite = $175.80 (3 new locks & 4 new keys) 
  • 4 Bedroom Suite = $271.80 (5 new locks & 4 new keys) 

In Wright Hall, the cores are pinned to match for the exterior and bedroom doors, therefore all cores have to be replaced if one key is lost/not returned. 
Wright Avenue Apartments:

  • 1 Bedroom Apartment = $53.50 (1 new lock & 2 new keys) 
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment = $148.00 (3 new locks & 4 new keys)

The Wright Avenue two-bedroom apartment doors are pinned to match the exterior and therefore all cores have to be replaced if one key is lost/not returned. 

Small and Greek Housing Units:

  • Exterior Door = $48.00 (per core) plus $7.95 per key. The keys are based on the total occupancy of the small housing unit. For example, if the unit sleeps 10 people the total recore cost of the exterior door would be $48.00 per core + ($7.95x10) = $127.50. 

  • Single Room = $55.95 (1 new lock & 1 new keys) 

  • Double Room = $63.90 (1 new lock & 2 new keys) 

  • Triple Room = $71.85 (1 new lock & 3 new keys) 

  • Quad Room = $79.80 (1 new lock & 4 new keys)

Last updated 9/10/2018