Guest & Visitation Policy

Students are welcome to invite visitors and guests to the campus. Guests and visitors must be registered by completing the Alma College Guest Registration Form. Guests and visitors may not remain for more than three nights in succession without permission of the hall director.

Students are personally responsible for the actions of their guests and visitors. Visitors and guests to the campus are expected to abide by the college’s standards and may be asked to leave campus if they violate any of these standards. The resident responsible for the guest may face judicial charges. Residents are also highly encouraged to discuss and/or notify any roommates of the guest they will be having stay with them on Alma College’s campus. Temporary, overnight guest parking permits are available at Facilities and Service Management.

College policy permits students to entertain members of the opposite sex in their residence hall or housing unit. Members of this college community are expected to act with consideration and respect for the rights of others. No visitation privilege overrides another resident’s right to sleep, study, or use the facilities of his/her room or building. No persons may co-inhabit at any time. Alma College Students are expected to stay overnight in their own room and not the room of other students.  Any Alma College student staying the night in another student’s room will be considered a visitor, and must not only be registered as so by the resident of the room in question, but will also be subject to the Guest and Visitation Policy. Residents should respect the need of each member of the college community for a reasonable degree of privacy.

Last updated 1/25/2018