Medical Amnesty Policy

Students who seek appropriate medical help for others who are intoxicated or otherwise adversely affected by alcohol or other drugs are considered to be acting in the best interest of the individual in need. In most cases, if students seeking help for others and/or the individual in need of help is in violation of the Alma College Alcohol, Marijuana or Drug & Narcotics policy, they will both be exempt from formal campus disciplinary action because they are acting in the best interest of one another. The college desires to exempt the students seeking or in need of medical help from formal campus disciplinary action; however, as every situation is unique, these matters will be considered on a case-by-case basis to determine if extraordinary or unusual circumstances would alter the desired practice.

Students who believe they need help with alcohol addiction or other substance abuse are directed to seek assistance with the Counseling Health and Wellness Center or other professional help and will not be subject to the Student Conduct Process for doing so.

The Medical Amnesty policy does not preclude the college from mandating involved students participate in the college’s alcohol and drug abuse prevention programs. This policy only precludes the students involved from the campus Student Conduct Process, but not from any medical, legal or other consequences/costs incurred as a result of their actions.

Last updated 8/9/2018