Good Neighbor Policy

The purpose of the Good Neighbor policy is to encourage Alma College students to engage in proactive and intentional efforts to build connections and relationships with their residential community. The policy seeks to establish basic guidelines for Alma College students to be good neighbors and to conduct themselves as responsible members of the community. Ultimately, students are responsible for abiding by the Alma College Student Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook as well as all city, state and federal laws. The Alma College Student Code of Conduct is not limited to conduct within the formal boundaries of the college campus. The Code also applies to conduct in the communities where you live, and will be enforced fairly and consistently. In efforts to encourage positive relationships with community members, this policy gives special attention to issues of noise, alcohol consumption, trash, and conduct.

Policy Statement:
Authorization to live in progressively independent campus housing units (houses and apartments) is granted at the discretion of the Director of Campus Life, or another agent of the Student Life Office. Living in progressively independent campus housing units (houses and apartments), is a maturing experience which carries many responsibilities. As a student living in any community, you are a representative of Alma College. Housing assignments may be revoked at any time for good cause, as determined by the discretion of the Director of Campus Life or an agent of the Student Life Office. Reasons for revoking authorization to live in progressively independent campus housing units (houses and apartments) include, but are not limited to: violations of college policies or regulations including the Good Neighbor Policy, violations of State or local laws or ordinances, failure to abide by good neighbor guidelines, housing one or more other students or non-students in the residence, or behavior that adversely affects the college’s relationship with the neighborhood community. If a student or student group is found by the college to be in violation of the good neighbor guidelines or the Good Neighbor Policy and is adversely affecting the college’s relationship with the neighboring community, all residents will be considered in violation of this policy even if the misconduct of an individual resident cannot be specifically identified, and may be removed from the housing unit.

A student or student group who is found in violation of the Good Neighbor Policy may be required to return to campus residence hall facilities immediately at the discretion of the Director of Campus Life or an agent of the Student Life Office. Student conduct and the conduct of student guests reflect directly on the college. In severe or continuing cases of misconduct, a student or student group may be required to move back into campus residence hall facilities, removed from campus housing, or suspended from the institution. Students and student organizations are expected to maintain a safe, clean, and respectable environment for the health, safety, and well-being of themselves and their organization members, guests, and neighbors.

General Guidelines for Being a Good Neighbor:
The following guidelines will help foster good neighbor relations for current and future students living within the Alma College campus community and within the City of Alma.

  1. Get to know your neighbors. Introduce yourself to them when you first move in or early in the semester. Let them know how to best communicate with you and contact you.
  2. Encourage your neighbors to contact you first if there are any problems at your residence such as overly loud music, litter, etc. Be respectful and responsive to their concerns.
  3. Offer to help your neighbors, with such things as helping with groceries, raking leaves, or running an errand for them. Good deeds cultivate goodwill.
  4. Keep your yard neat and picked up.
  5. Learn the acceptable and legal places for parking at your housing unit.

Alma College Student Responsibility:
Specifically, students must:

  1. Abide by fire, health, zoning, building and safety codes, including occupancy limits, and the City of Alma’s inspection codes and ordinances.
  2. Dispose of litter, trash, and garbage on a weekly basis in an appropriate manner. The City of Alma collects trash every Tuesday morning.
  3. Complete clean up within 24 hours after social functions to ensure litter and trash is removed from the premises of the residential housing unit and the neighborhood.
  4. Foster and maintain good community relations and cooperation with neighbors and authorities.
  5. Take proactive steps to manage the conduct of guests, including measures that reduce the risk of harm. Alma College students are responsible for the actions of their guests.
  6. Take active steps to prevent damage, defacing, or littering of neighbors’ property.
  7. Be engaged in mediating and resolving problems or concerns with neighbors in a timely and civil manner.
  8. Abide by the Alma College and Alma City noise policies. Any creation of amplified sound/noise, including: musical instruments, machines, or devices (i.e. stereos, amplifiers, subwoofers, bass, drums etc.) designed and/or used for the production or reproduction of sound/noise shall only be audibly heard inside the confines of each individual residential housing unit (i.e. room, house, apartment). This policy is in effect at all times. Continued misconduct may lead to the confiscation of any musical instrument, machine or device until it can be properly removed from campus.
  9. Take proactive steps to avoid rowdiness, disorderly conduct, yelling or shouting, public drunkenness, outdoor congregation, or littering.
  10. Respond appropriately to verbal harassment. Verbal harassment includes profanity, slurs, and/or fighting words directed toward others and is considered unacceptable behavior. When the potential for conflict develops, students and student groups must immediately seek assistance through the college or the city police.
  11. Respond appropriately to fighting/physical assault and confrontational behavior. Such behavior is unacceptable. If a volatile situation occurs, students should ensure their own safety and the safety of others and then immediately seek assistance through the college or the city police.
  12. Have responsible individuals available to interact with college administrators, campus security, police, or neighbors if they come to your residence because of problems. All residents of the housing unit are responsible for behavior that occurs on the premises, including the behavior of guests. Cooperate with the requests of college administrators, campus security, police, or neighbors. Sober individuals must be present at all social gatherings where alcohol may be present.

Alcohol and Other Drugs:

  1. Abide by the state and local laws governing alcohol and other drug use.
  2. Abide by the Alma College alcohol and other drug policies in the Student Code of Conduct found in the Student Handbook.
  3. Abide by Alma College guidelines for hosting and managing alcohol-related events, including hosting policies for events with alcohol in residential housing units. Only Greek houses are allowed to have registered alcohol-related events.

If any student or student group is suspected, reported to be or found in violation of the good neighbor guidelines or the Good Neighbor Policy, Alma College administrators, campus security and/or the city police will respond as necessary and the involved students or student groups may incur disciplinary consequences, including the initiation of the student conduct process or legal process. Violations of this policy may result in college sanctions ranging from community service and education to suspension or expulsion from the institution. Violations of the law may result in separate and additional penalties through local and state authorities such as fines, citations or arrest.

Last updated 10/1/2013