Fire Safety Codes & Fire Drills Policy

To comply with local and state codes and to observe prudent safety precautions, Alma College will enforce the following fire safety regulations:

  1. No electrical heat-producing appliances such as but not limited to grills, toaster ovens or space heaters are permitted in college-owned or -approved housing units. The use of space heaters in students’ rooms is not permitted. Unauthorized space heaters will be confiscated. Appliances such as hair dryers, coffee pots, popcorn poppers and irons must have an automatic shut off. See Electrical Equipment for more information. 
  2. Open flames such as candles (including candles without wicks, candle warmers, and wax warmers), incense, kerosene lamps, stoves and other similar items, are not permitted in any college-owned or -approved housing unit. Operable fireplaces may be used only when properly screened and when appropriate safety precautions are taken.
  3. No flammable or combustible liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, turpentine or similar substances may be stored in any college-owned or -approved housing unit. Any of these substances found in college housing will be confiscated and disciplinary action will be taken against those responsible for storing such substances.
  4. The possession of fireworks and/or other incendiary devices is prohibited. Anyone found detonating fireworks of any type on any Alma College property, whether leased or owned, will be subject to up to a $500 fine and disciplinary action.
  5. No paneling or tapestry (unless fire treated and for which permission has been obtained from the Student Life Office) is permitted in college housing.
  6. Surge protectors must be 10 amp or larger, #18 wire with SPT2 plastic insulation and molded ends and not more than eight feet long. Surge protectors can be used for the radio, TV, stereo and refrigerator, etc. Surge protectors must be exposed at all times; they may not be placed under carpets, behind desks, etc.
  7. Extension cords plugged into surge protectors or plugged into other extension cords are not permitted in residential housing units. Drop cords are also not permitted. Both are considered a violation of Alma College’s fire safety policy and will be subject to the student conduct process.
  8. Flammable holiday decorations such as Christmas trees, wreaths made from pine boughs and untreated bunting are not permitted in College housing units.
  9. The use of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are prohibited in all Alma College buildings.  These devices pose consumer safety concerns, having caused fires and injury to users. Vapor from these devices will trigger fire alarm panels as well.   
  10. Hoverboards are not permitted on Alma College’s campus, including grounds and buildings. Failure to abide by this policy may subject the individual to disciplinary action. The owner and/or operator of the hoverboard will be responsible for damages and/or injuries to college property or individuals that result from possession or use of a hoverboard on campus. 
  11. No tampering with the wiring or components of the smoke detection or alarm systems is permitted.
  12. Fire doors and any other doors with closing mechanisms are to be kept closed at all times except in the event of fire emergency.
  13. Only college wiring is allowed in residence hall rooms and only a reasonable number of standard U.L. approved surge protectors may be used.
  14. There is up to a $1000 fine and disciplinary action for tampering with fire safety equipment including but not limited to smoke detectors, fire alarm panels, fire extinguishers, etc
  15. Fire extinguishers are not to be removed from their proper locations or to be discharged except in the event of a fire emergency.
  16. Smoke detectors are not to be covered or blocked.
  17. All outdoor burning is prohibited. The use of fire rings, fire pits, bon-fire rings or any other similar structures is prohibited.
  18. No partitions are to be installed by students.
  19. Nothing is allowed to block, even partially, any means of exit. This includes doors, windows or other means of exit that may be used during an emergency. Window treatment is defined as curtains, valences, blinds, shades or any other item that could be found in a window treatment section at a store. Items covering windows that are not specified as window treatments (i.e., plywood, newspaper, cardboard, blankets, clothing, couch cushions, etc.) are not permitted in Alma College housing units. These items are to remain removed from the windows indefinitely. If a small housing unit/individual is found non-compliant three or more times, the organization/person may face additional consequences (i.e., losing small housing unit, being removed from small housing unit, etc.).
  20. Safety signs and markings are not to be tampered with or defaced.
  21. Prompt and complete evacuation of campus buildings or facilities is mandatory when a fire alarm is sounded or when so directed by a college staff member. Individuals who fail to comply with this provision will be subject to disciplinary action.


Latest Revision: 9/11/2018