Drone & Unmanned Aircraft Policy

Unmanned or remote control aircraft systems (UAS), including drones, are controlled and regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In light of these regulations and in the interest of the safety and privacy of the Alma College community, Alma College establishes the following policy regarding UAS:

Launching, landing, or operating UAS, including drones, is prohibited on and above Alma College’s campus without written approval from and supervision by Alma College faculty or staff. UAS use may only be approved for educational or research purposes or for use by a student employee for a specified purpose related to their employment. The individual operating the UAS must be able to operate the UAS in a safe and responsible manner. Approved use must comply with all relevant federal, state, and local laws governing UAS and any other relevant College policies.

UAS may not be used or approved for any of the following uses: 

  • Monitoring or recording areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy in accordance with accepted social norms. These areas include but are not limited to restrooms, locker rooms, individual residential rooms, changing or dressing rooms, and health treatment rooms. 

  •  Monitoring or recording residential spaces, including rooms, small housing units, campus apartments, lobbies, and hallways. 

  • Monitoring or recording sensitive institutional or personal information which may be found, for example, on an individual’s work spaces or on computer or other electronic displays. 

Individuals found in violation of this policy may face disciplinary and/or legal action.  

Last Updated 7/26/2016