Computing & Online Presence Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

Alma College information technology resources are provided to support the educational mission of the institution and are governed by the general norms of responsible community conduct described in the student handbook, Manual of Organization and Employment and related policy, and by local, state and federal law. This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) supplements these existing standards by describing specific responsibilities related to use of the College’s networks, computers, and application services.

Everyone using IT resources owned or licensed by the College is covered by this policy.


Protect your network identity

Account holders are responsible for actions performed using their network ID. Never share your username and password with others or use your campus password with network services not provided by the College.

Secure your personal devices

Personal devices used on campus must be kept up to date with operating system and application software security patches and must run up-to-date anti-virus software.

Follow College policy and applicable law

The use of Alma College IT resources must comply with College policy, copyrights, trademarks, software license agreements, and local, state, and federal law. Downloading copyrighted music, movies, or other material without proper licensing or hosting this content for download is not permitted.

Respect the rights and privacy of others

Accessing an account other than your own without permission or tampering with IT systems and services is not permitted.

Use IT resources responsibly

IT resource use must consistent with the academic mission of the College. College accounts and IT resources may not be used for personal for-profit business activities.

Monitor your email account

Email is provided for College related communications. Account holders are expected to check their account regularly and are responsible for College communications sent to this address.


The College recognizes the importance of privacy in an academic setting and does not routinely monitor individual email, data, or online activity. There are limited circumstances, however, in which the College may access, monitor, limit and disclose a user’s communications or data without user permission.

These circumstances include:

  • To maintain the integrity or function of college systems, network or data;
  • When required by law, administrative rules, court order or other legal authority;
  • To preserve the health and safety of individuals or the Alma College community;
  • When there are reasonable grounds to believe that a violation of law or a breach of College policy may have taken place; or
  • To address a legitimate business need.


AUP violations will be referred to the office of Student Affairs or Human Resources. ITS may disable accounts or services while referring the violation to the appropriate college office.