Community Disturbance Policy

No students shall make any disturbance that would disrupt, interfere, or hinder with another’s education or well-being on or off campus in any form. A disturbance, which is something less than threats of violence, is an interruption of peace and quiet. This includes but is not limited to excessive noise, physical/or mental health, a violation of public order or decorum, living environment or any other interference with or hindrance of an individual in pursuit of his/her education or occupation.

In regards to a disturbance, Alma College reserves the right to contact parents or guardians in situations where the student’s behavior indicates he or she is not in control of his/her behavior or emotions. A student who actively or passively places themselves or others at physical/or mental risk may be removed from campus housing or suspended from the college by the Student Life Office until arrangements can be made for a student conduct review and/or safe return to campus. If a student is removed from campus housing or suspended from school, the Student Life Office will make a reasonable attempt to notify the student’s parents, spouse/partner, or other responsible associated persons to advise them of this action. Alma College cannot take responsibility for the well-being of a suspended student.

 Last updated 10/13/2016