Section I: Alma College Governance

The Alma College Mission Statement and Purpose:
Alma College’s mission is to prepare graduates who think critically, serve generously, lead purposefully and live responsibly as stewards of the world they bequeath to future generations.

The Core Values:
Student-centered education in a residential setting:
All members of the community including faculty, staff and trustees are committed to creating an institution of quality centered on the growth and development of undergraduate students. The purpose of the residential college experience is to better prepare students to enter seamlessly into lives in community, vocation, family and faith.

Disciplinary expertise within an interdisciplinary context of learning:
The Alma Experience expects students to apply intellectual rigor to the exploration of a range of disciplines, building a broad foundation in the sciences, humanities, fine and performing arts and social sciences. This liberal arts education also prepares students to pursue advanced work, independent research and creative performances with the depth of understanding to excel in one’s discipline and to perceive the connections among disciplines. The practical knowledge and skills of the liberal arts prepare students for lifelong learning and leadership within a wide array of settings.

Engaged learning:
Because education takes place everywhere and all the time, it is important both to create an exciting residential learning environment and to extend opportunities for significant learning into the community and wider world. Active participation in learning, engaged citizenship, service-driven leadership and committed stewardship are fostered through research-based undergraduate scholarship as well as programs that support experiential, international and service-learning opportunities.

Ethical integrity, aesthetic appreciation, spiritual sensitivity:
With knowledge comes obligation. To live a complete life that withstands the scrutiny of self and others, individuals must exhibit personal integrity, respect for the value of all humanity and sensitivity to the spiritual and material beauty of one’s existence. We expect these principles to be modeled in the educational programs, work and daily interactions of all members of the college community.