Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is presented as is to you as a member of the Alma College community. It is our hope that this document is an easy reference in clarifying behavioral expectations and policies that have been established to ensure each student’s educational and personal growth, while also ensuring the effective functioning of our educational institution.

The college reserves the right to change or modify the rules, regulations and policies found within this handbook and will publish those changes as they occur.

If the function of education is to enable us to become the most that we can be, then there is no such thing as a minimum acceptable standard. I call upon you to help us in our quest for excellence. While this handbook provides information that you might seek to know about life at Alma College, it is you, as a concerned member of this community, who can provide meaning to life on this campus.

Questions regarding the reasoning behind rules, regulations and responsibilities should be directed to the Vice President of Student Affairs, located in the Tyler-VanDusen building.

Last updated 1/17/2018