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Alma Venture Program Policies

An Alma Venture is an experience that helps you progress toward your personal, professional and academic goals. Venture experiences support the Alma College mission to prepare graduates to think critically, serve generously, lead purposefully, and live responsibly.

Types of Venture Grants

1. Think Critically: Your Alma Venture Junior Year Applied Experience                                      

This one-time Award will support participation in a definitive junior year applied experience – an internship, research, clinical, or off-campus study experience that will allow you to apply your classroom learning and gain new perspectives on the work you are called to do after graduation. Explore vocation, build professional skills, expand your network, give your future career a test-run… your Junior Year Experience is all about you! In this category:

  • The maximum award amount is $2,500. Recipients of tuition exchanges, employee benefit, and other full-tuition benefits (including ACE and the Detroit Promise) may apply for an Alma Venture JYE Award up to a maximum of $1,000.
  • Every student may receive ONE junior year experience award, even if the amount awarded is less than the maximum.
  • Students must be in good academic (GPA > 2.0) and financial (< $1,000 outstanding on student account) standing in order to receive the award
  • Students must have declared a major and completed at least 56 credits (enough to advance to junior standing) before the funded experience begins.
  • Students will not generally be eligible to receive Alma Venture funds for experiences taking place after graduation.
  • This award may not be stacked with other Alma College awards (such as CORE or other Venture grants) for the same experience. 
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
2. Serve Generously, Lead Purposefully, and Live Responsibly Awards

These grants support experiences through which students aim to have a positive impact on the world for future generations. These may include internships, research, community service, social justice and advocacy work, and projects that develop and demonstrate leadership, global/intercultural fluency, or environmental sustainability. Funding comes from a variety of sources, which have their own criteria (See Schedule A). In general, in this category:

  • The maximum award amount varies based on the type of experience and award.
  • Multiple awards may not be combined to fund the same experience (this includes other Alma College funding programs, such as CORE).
  • Recipients who complete all Venture program components (see below) will remain eligible to apply for grants for future experiences. Receiving these awards does not affect your eligibility for the Junior Year Experience award.
  • Applications are accepted once per semester (see posted deadline) and assessed competitively.

Venture Grant Policies (applies to both types above)

Venture Program Components

Once approved for an Alma Venture, participants are responsible for completing all of the required components of the Alma Venture, including:

  • Completion of a Venture Preparation Series in Canvas (includes mid-term and end-of-experience reflection)
  • Completion of a Pre-departure Orientation for all international experiences
  • Sharing the completed experience with the campus community
Fund Allocation and Accountability 

Financial Aid and Income Tax

Venture funds may have tax consequences. Students are advised to seek tax advice on this matter from a tax professional or at the following resource page: In addition, Venture funds may affect eligibility for Federal Work Study and/or loans. Students are advised to meet with Financial Aid to seek advice on this matter.

Cancellation or Non-compliance

In the event that a student does not comply with the award requirements or fails to complete all required components of the Alma Venture, the college reserves the right to revoke some or all of the Venture award in the form of a charge to the student’s Alma College account.

In the event that a Venture recipient must cancel a planned Venture experience at any point after Venture funds have been expended by the College on their behalf:

  1. For the Venture Junior Year Experience, any non-recoverable funds will be deducted from that student’s total eligible award, and the student may apply for any remaining funds for a future Venture.
  2. For all other Venture awards, the funds must be repaid in full unless the individual is granted a waiver by the committee overseeing the award.

Venture-Eligible Expenses

Venture-eligible expenses include:

  • Travel to and from the site of a non-local Venture experience
  • Mandatory program fees – Alma tuition is not eligible
  • Passport, visa fees, and immunizations
  • Reimbursement of reasonable living expenses (food, lodging, and local travel). Note that on-campus room and board during the academic year, including spring term, are not eligible.
  • Other expenses may be requested and explained in the Venture proposal. Note that special materials purchased with Venture funds will remain the property of Alma College unless the Venture Committee approves a written request from the applicant to keep the item(s).

For the sake of clarity, the following are among the expenses that are NOT Venture-eligible: Alma College tuition, on-campus room and board (with the exception of summer board with prior approval), clothing, books, gym memberships, etc.

Schedule A. Serve Generously, Lead Purposefully, Live Responsibly Awards
Maximum Award
Alma “Serve Generously” Award for Service and Advocacy $1,000

In support of service or advocacy with a non-profit entity. Awarded on a sliding scale based on duration.

Alma “Lead Purposefully” Award for Leadership and Professional Development

Award amounts may vary. Typically approximately 50% of the anticipated experience cost, up to a maximum of $1,000

In support of a student presenting faculty-sponsored research at a conference or accepted to participate in a workshop related to their academic discipline, or a proposed leadership initiative of their own design. Note: Students proposing academic conference travel may request additional funds (typically up to 25% of the total cost) from their sponsoring department.

Alma “Live Responsibly” Award for Internships, Clinical Experience, and Research $2,500 In support of internships, research, or clinical experiences. The experience must include at least 150 hours of applied experience.
Alternative Break Award $500 In support of participation in an Alma College Alternative Break
Currie Scholarship $2500 +waiver of campus summer housing fee Sophomores and juniors completing a scholarly or creative project in collaboration with a faculty mentor
Kinney Scholarship $2,500 Completing original research related to the Bill of Rights. Proposals which clearly cross-disciplinary boundaries and/or require travel to research sites are strongly encouraged.
Posey Global Fellowship n/a (average award amount = $4,800) ‘Hands-on’ opportunity, transboundary issue or context, development of leadership skills, qualifications of student, financial need, ability to make a unique contribution to the program
Gazmararian Scholarship

$3,100 for Spring Term, 

$3,600 for Summer Scholars

In support of international experiences for declared BUS majors and minors