Our Approach

A team of faculty and staff have been working diligently to plan for a safe reopening of campus. This group, known as the COVID-19 response team, has set safety guidelines and identified needed resources. 

Our approach is based on guidance from county, state and federal health officials; as well as unique factors, such as local hospital capacity and our own capabilities. This is a dynamic situation that we will continue to monitor closely, and make any needed adjustments to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

Response Teams 

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Kathleen Dougherty, Chair   

Members: Stephany Slaughter, Hyun Kim, John Rowe, Lauren Woolbright, Scott MacKenzie, Joel Dopke, Anne Porter, Mariah Orzolek, Janie Diels, Andrew Bare


Sarah Dehring, Chair

Members: Brad Smith, Brad Barlog, Kiana Verdugo, Eric Calhoun, Nancy Dopke, Catherine Boerner, Caroline Heitzman, Fletcher Roberts                                                                                                       

Camps and Conferences 

Kari Yerington, Chair

Members: Dave Blandford, Burt McAtee, Ryan Stoudt, Earl Casto, Ashley Tupper, Brad Barlog, Brad Smith, Ryan Clark, Jenny Cooley                                               


Amanda Duval, Chair

Members: Rebecca Graham, Heidi Holland, Cassie Tennant                                                                  


Amanda Slenski, Chair

Members: Jenny Cooley, Ashley Tupper, Kari Yerington, Bill Arnold, Sue Deel, Ben Grohs, Ryan Stoudt, Brad Barlog                                                                                                                                                       

Facilities Preparation and Cleaning

Ryan Stoudt and Earl Casto, Co-Chairs                                                                                               

Food Service

 Burt McAtee and Judy Dick, Co-Chairs   

Members: Alice Kramer, Kari Yerington, Brad Smith, Jenny Cooley                                                                         

Health Services and Screenings

Anne Lambrecht, Chair

Members: Allison Neyer, Burt McAtee, Alice Kramer, Brad Smith, Jeff Meden (MidMichigan Medical Center), Ruth Chaplen, Brad Barlog, John MacArthur, in consultation with the Mid-Michigan District Health Department                                                               

Shared Community Spaces

Ashley Tupper and Ashley Strawn, Co-Chairs                                       

Members: Angie Kelleher, Judy Dick, Ben Grohs                                                                                                     

Student Housing 

Alice Kramer, Chair                                 

Members: Alex Montoye, Morgan Fonley, Mya Dora-Laskey, Laura Riegger, Sami Stormont, Kevin Carmody, Ryan Stoudt, Earl Casto