Events and College Visits

Along with in-person instruction, Alma will return to hosting in-person gatherings. The health and safety of all participants will be the top priority for organizers.

Temporary Indoor Event Policy Added Oct. 23, 2020

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  • All events on campus, as well as their attendees, must adhere to all college, local, state, federal and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Policies and guidelines. On event day, attendees must complete a COVID-19 screening survey before arriving to the event location.

  • Names and contact information for all event attendees must be provided to the college within 24 hours of the completion of the event. Attendance must not exceed the stated COVID-19 occupancy limit for an event space — typically one-third of the standard room occupancy.

  • Any event contractors that come onto campus, including rental deliveries, must complete a COVID-19 screening on the day of their arrival before coming to campus.
College Visits
  • Prior to their visit, prospective Alma College students will receive the following communications from the Admissions Office:
    • a registration confirmation email,
    • an email that outlines additional precautions/steps for the visit, and
    • a call the day before to answer pre-screening questions.
  • On the day of their visit, visitors will check in at the Reid-Knox Administration building (which houses the Admissions Office) and call 1-800-321-2562 to complete a COVID-19 screening before entering the building. Outdoor seating is provided (with indoor options for inclement weather) and check-in equipment will be sanitized before and after every visit. Single-serving refreshments are available and there will be no-contact greetings.

  • Personal protective equipment is available for visitors upon request. Face coverings are required inside all buildings and guests must socially distance from one another and staff.

  • The admissions office is closed for in-person visits from Nov. 18 through Dec. 8, due to the recent directives from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.