ACADEMICS: Pre-Health Professions

Pre-Health Professions Workshops

Reflect, learn, prepare and grow — these workshops will help you succeed at Alma and beyond.

Each year, the Pre-Health Professions Committee (PHPC) holds workshops to support you at Alma, and help you prepare to apply to graduate school. They include these, and more. Exact dates and times for workshops are available in the Pre-Health Professions Resources Canvas page.

Year 1

In Year 1, the PHPC hosts workshops that encourage you to consider the importance of your coursework from both a content and performance point of view.

Finishing Strong

Held in late fall, this workshop will equip you with success strategies for your upcoming exams.

Interpreting Your First Year

Once fall grades are posted, the PHPC meets with first year students to help you reflect on your first semester at Alma. They’ll give you suggestions and support so you can begin the winter semester with confidence!

How to Be Productive in Summer

The PHPC meets with pre-health students in April to talk about making the best use of your time away from academics. Learn how to use the summer months to increase your understanding of health care and become a more competitive candidate in your future applications!

Year 2 

In Year 2, the committee hosts workshops to help you think about experiential learning and evaluating where you are in your preparation.

Reality Check Advising Session 

The Reality Check Advising Session discusses the range of requirements to be a competitive candidate for a pre-professional program and helps you work through an analysis of where you are in the process of becoming that competitive candidate. This session is an opportunity to learn of the role of the PHPC in your application preparation and process.

Year 3 

For Year 3 students the committee hosts workshops about the application process for health professions graduate programs.

Introduction to the Application Process

This information session is for students who will be applying to health profession graduate programs during the next application cycle that starts in spring semester (students with junior and senior status who have not already applied to a health profession graduate program such as medical, physical therapy, occupational therapy, dental, optometry, veterinary, pharmacy and physician assistant).

Alumni Panel: So, You’re Applying to … School 

Each March, you can hear directly from recent alumni. They’ll talk about the graduate school application process, their experiences once they got in, gap years, and the best advice they want to pass on to you. They’ll answer your questions, too.

Personal Statement Workshop

Also in March, the PHPC is joined by the director of the Alma College Writing Center to guide you through the process of writing a personal statement. You will learn how to structure your statement, work to identify unique and relevant information, and leave with an initial outline.

Mini-Mock Interviews

In this spring event, you’ll rotate through a set of eight-minute interviews and practice answering questions that might be asked during interviews for graduate health professional programs. You’ll receive personalized feedback from members of the PHPC so that you can continue to hone your skills.

Year 4 (or as alumnus applying)

For year 4 students or those taking a gap year, the committee will continue to assist you in the preparation for graduate programs. This may include identifying valuable experiences for the gap year. You may also continue to participate in all workshops and take part in practice interviews.

Customized Practice Interviews

Students invited to interview for graduate programs may elect to schedule a practice session with the PHPC. The format of the interview will mimic that of the specific graduate program.