ACADEMICS: Pre-Health Professions

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No matter your major, you’ll receive expert guidance and support as you prepare for graduate school.

Why Alma?

Are you planning to become a physician, dentist, or physical therapist? Alma College offers curriculums in these areas - and more - to help you prepare for graduate school in the health professions: 

Pre-Occupational Therapy
Pre-Physical Therapy
Pre-Physician Assistant
Pre-Sports Medicine

Students pursuing pre-health curriculums chose a wide variety of majors ranging from science to history. Alma’s liberal arts focus means that with each class you take, you’ll be challenged to see from other perspectives and that you’ll develop the flexibility to handle the changing demands of the health field. 

Expertise and Support

Our faculty understand what pre-health students need to be successful. You’ll receive one-on-one support from your faculty adviser, who will meet with you each semester to make sure you’re taking the courses you need.

Focused on You

On top of that, you’ll benefit from the Pre-Health Professions Committee (PHPC), a team of faculty and staff and their sole purpose is to help pre-health students be more successful in applying to grad school and pursuing their careers.

Meet the Committee
Support for Each Step

The PHPC supports you along the way with:

  • Supplementary advising for any pre-health student. You’ll have access to the experts on getting into grad school - ask away!
  • Workshops and info sessions on study strategies, applying to graduate school, and more.
  • Letters of evaluation and help preparing your graduate school applications.

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Most pre-health professions students major in one of these areas:

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Nancy Dopke
Co-Chair, Pre-Health Professions Committee
Associate Professor of Chemistry
(989) 463-7108

Brianna Harfmann
Co-Chair, Pre-Health Professions Committee
Assistant Professor
(989) 463-7159

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