Screening and Testing

Excellent medical testing and care is widely available in Alma. The Wilcox Medical Center, located on campus, offers a number of medical services from a full-time registered medical assistant and a nurse practitioner. The MidMichigan Medical Center - Gratiot is a 97 licensed-bed hospital just 1 1/2 miles from campus. Many other doctors’ offices and urgent care clinics are located in and around Alma.

Asymptomatic campus-wide testing will continue to be part of our protocol in winter term, as will the daily health screening. Students should begin completing the daily health screening again on Dec. 26. to help us identify possible concerns before you return to campus.

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Alma College has partnered with Global 7 Diagnostics, a leader in clinical laboratory testing, to offer a saliva-based PCR test you will take from home. This testing is mandatory for all students, faculty and staff to return for winter term.

Students should follow the instructions below to order a kit and return your sample. Please do not return your testing kit early; it is important that you wait until Jan. 11 or 12 to collect and return your sample. If you have questions about the Global 7 Diagnostics website or the process to order your test, please contact Ron Berryman at

1. Order your testing kit. 
  • Visit to register for an account. 
  • Enter your personal information, including your address, through a secure, HIPAA compliant system. Once you complete registration your permanent QR code ID will be displayed and allow you to upload it to your Apple wallet, or Android Wallet for your use throughout the testing process. 
  • Once you’ve registered for your account, a COVID-19 test kit will be automatically ordered and shipped to the address you provided in registration. 
  • If you live locally, or you are staying on campus, you can pick up and return your testing kit in the Reid Knox lobby during the hours mentioned below. 
  • If you tested positive for COVID-19 after October 14 (either through the college’s testing program or you sent a copy of your positive test results to the Wilcox Medical Center), please do not take this test.You are exempt from testing for 90 days from the date you tested positive through an on-campus test. 
  • Student-athletes who are returning early will be tested on campus and do not need to take this test. 
2. Collect and return your sample for testing via FedEx on Monday, Jan. 11 or Tuesday, Jan. 12. 
  • Within two days of registering online and requesting your test kit, you’ll receive a test kit at the address you provided. It contains a vial for your saliva and a pre-labeled Fedex bag for return shipping. Please follow the instructions provided. The test takes less than five minutes to complete. 
  • Return your pre-labeled FedEx bag to any FedEx location or FedEx drop box within 24 hours of collecting your sample. There is no cost to return your test. Find a FedEx drop-off location near you:
  • You will be sent an email with your test result within 24 hours of Global 7 Diagnostics labs receiving your sample via FedEx. Your test result will also be available in your profile.
Daily Health Screening
  • Every day, before leaving their residence, all members of the campus community - faculty, staff, and students (both residential and those living off campus) - must record their temperature and complete risk screening questions in a Daily Screening Form. The college provides a thermometer to all students. The daily screening form can be downloaded to your phone and works like an app. Instructions were emailed to all members of the campus community prior to the start of the winter semester. If you have any questions about the installation, please direct them to
  • To monitor travel off campus, students living on campus must complete their daily health screening on campus Wifi each day.
  • Any person who indicates risk factors on the Daily Screening Form will contacted by the Wilcox Medical Center. If you have any questions about the form itself, you can call Wilcox at (989) 463-7181 or email Anne Lambrecht, direct of counseling, health and wellness, at
  • Anyone who is sick or has symptoms must stay at home or in their residence hall room and contact the Wilcox Medical Center at (989) 463-7181, as well as the Mid-Michigan District Health Department at (989) 875-3681. Quarantine and isolation protocol will be followed, if necessary.
COVID-19 Exposure and Testing
  • During the winter semester, additional COVID-19 testing for symptomatic individuals will be available on campus and at MidMichigan Medical Center - Gratiot. The Wilcox Medical Center can also make referrals to locate alternate COVID-19 testing sites in the area.
    COVID-19 testing is a part of the winter return to campus process for faculty, staff, contract employees, and students. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing, via a nasal swab, will be conducted by medical technicians from an independent laboratory. There is no cost to you for this testing.
  • If you have been directly exposed to an individual diagnosed with COVID-19, you must self-isolate immediately, even if you are not showing symptoms. Remain at home or in your residence hall room in self-isolation while you contact a medical provider or await test results. Employees must keep Human Resources informed while students need to keep the Wilcox Medical Center informed.

  • If students have been tested and/or advised to quarantine/isolate, they must notify the Wilcox Medical Center and the MidMichigan District Health Department Hotline at 1-888-535-6136 for further instructions or questions.
Wastewater Testing

In January 2021, Alma College began the process of collecting wastewater from student apartments and residence halls as a means of testing for COVID-19.

Individuals who have COVID-19 shed cells of the virus into the wastewater. Testing wastewater for COVID-19 is an efficient means of measuring the spread of the virus on campus — which can lead to a more specific, targeted testing campaign — in a private, passive way.

Learn more about wastewater testing and get updates.

Quarantine and Isolation Protocols
  • People must notify the Wilcox Medical Center of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, close contact with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19 or other risk factors. If the Wilcox Medical Center is closed, please call the administrator on duty at (989) 560-5972.

  • Any person who indicates risk factors on the Daily Screening Form will contacted by the Wilcox Medical Center. 

  • A person who has been in close (within six feet), prolonged (15 minutes or more) contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, but is not displaying symptoms for COVID-19, or a person has traveled internationally or taken a cruise, will be required to go into quarantine.

  • In addition, any person the Health Department or Wilcox Medical staff believes should be quarantined must go into quarantine.

  • A person who has tested positive for COVID-19, whether or not they are displaying symptoms, is required to go into isolation.

  • Isolation separates sick people from the general population and severely limits their movement. Quarantine restricts the movement of people who may become sick and monitors them closely for future developments.
Health Services
  • Students who feel physically ill — particularly with fever, cough or difficulty breathing — are encouraged to call their health care provider immediately, and tell them they think it’s possible they have COVID-19.

  • Students who need to see a health care professional can visit the Wilcox Medical Center located on campus at Alma College. Students are asked to call (989) 463-7181 before visiting. The clinic offers video visits and in-person visits by appointment.

  • After hours local care options are also available. For online bookings and information from MidMichigan Urgent Care in Alma, visit their website. The MidMichigan Health Emergency Department can be reached at (989) 466-3228.

  • Alma Family Pharmacy offers delivery services. Call (989) 968-4003 for more information.
Mental Health Services
  • Students may contact the Alma College Counseling Center for free, confidential counseling services. Telehealth counseling, crisis counseling and psychiatric services are available. New this year, the counseling staff will be offering “Let’s Talk” brief virtual consultations for students to talk about concerns and receive suggestions, solutions, referrals and gain perspective.

Alma College Counseling Center
(989) 463 -7225

  • Alma College offers all employees and their family access to an Employee Assistance Program through New Directions. New Directions can assist with personal and professional issues. Confidential short-term counseling and legal and financial referrals are available. Call (800) 624-5544 or visit this webpage for more information.
Off-Campus Employment

Students with off-campus employment will be allowed to continue working. We understand the vital role that employment can play in your college experience. We are asking that everyone student who holds an off-campus job during the standard academic semester complete the Off-Campus Employment Survey, even if you did so in the fall.

  • Off-campus employment outside of the city limits will be reviewed on an individual basis for approval. 
Self-Quarantine Policy

Alma College asks students who live on campus not to leave the greater Alma area, except during designated weekends, which will be followed by campus-wide testing.

Travel outside the greater Alma area for medical, dental or mental health appointments is permitted, as is college-sponsored travel like athletics. Students with off-campus employment during the academic term must complete the off-campus employment form, even if you did so in the fall.

If you leave the greater Alma area for an emergency or unauthorized travel, you must notify Shelby Shawl at and undergo a precautionary self-quarantine for five days, then take a COVID-19 test. During self-quarantine, you should remain in your room, pick up meals to-go and continue your classes online. You may not participate in any athletics or in-person extracurricular activities during this time. During self-quarantine, please continue to submit your daily health screening, so that Wilcox Medical Center will be aware of any health issues that you may experience.

The day you return to campus is considered Day 0. You should quarantine for five days and take a COVID-19 test on Day 5. Call Wilcox Medical Center at (989) 463-7181 to schedule your test. If you have any questions about testing, please email Betsy Strobel at