Classrooms and Instruction

We are committed to a return to in-person learning for the winter semester. Our already-small class sizes — together with social distancing, use of face coverings, enhanced cleaning procedures and other best practices — will help promote safety and minimize risk. 

We have taken a customized approach to adapting every single class to meet safety guidelines and to deliver on the Alma Commitment: relationships with faculty, individualized attention, and customized learning opportunities.

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How Will My Classes Look?
  • Social distancing guidelines require significantly reduced classroom capacities. Because of this, college faculty are making use of a wide range of alternative teaching spaces, including the chapel, Presbyterian Hall, Strosacker Theatre, and open spaces in the library.

  • The delivery method of each of your classes will vary. We have customized our approach based on what is best for each class:
  • Most smaller classes will continue to meet in traditional classrooms
  • Some classes will meet on an alternating schedule, with part of the class attending one day and the rest attending on another day
  • Some classes will meet synchronously in a mixture of online and in-person instruction
  • A small selection of classes will meet entirely online, to best meet the needs of students.
  • Some departments making use of hands-on learning opportunities, such as dance and theater, will have additional requirements specifically tailored to ensure the safety of everyone within those departments.

  • Information regarding the location and schedule for each of your classes will be clearly communicated by the Registrar’s Office and available in Self Service.

  • Each syllabus will include a statement that further explains the individual requirements for each class.
Classroom Safety
  • Face coverings are required of all students and faculty in academic buildings and classrooms. Some classes may also require the use of face shields, depending upon the activities they involve. If face shields are required for your class, the college will provide them.

  • Please maintain distance between each other when entering and leaving classrooms. Whenever possible, one door will be used as an entrance and another as an exit.

  • We have reviewed all classroom capacities to comply with best practices for social distancing. Capacity signs are posted at each classroom door.

The location for each classroom chair or table is clearly marked on the floor. Please do not move furniture in and out of classrooms.


As pictured in SAC 109, classroom chairs and tables have been spaced six feet apart from one anot...



As pictured in SAC 109, classroom chairs and tables have been spaced six feet apart from one another. Students are asked to maintain social distancing at all times in classrooms.




The location for each classroom chair or table, like this one in SAC 109, is clearly marked on th...





The location for each classroom chair or table, like this one in SAC 109, is clearly marked on the floor with an Alma College decal. Please do not move furniture in and out of classrooms.









Infographic shows two human figures standing side by side with a maroon arrow above which is writ...


Keep a safe space — about six feet — between yourself and people who aren’t in your household, in both indoor and outdoor areas. Social distancing should be practiced in combination with other ways of staying healthy, such as wearing face coverings.



Infographic shows a pair of maroon hands rubbing together to create soap bubbles surrounded by a ...


Regularly wash your hands with soap and clean, running water for at least 20 seconds. If you don’t have access to soap and water, a hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol content can help.



Infographic shows a maroon thermometer surrounded by a tartan circle which says, “Screening”.


It’s important to identify and separate people who are ill — even if they are asymptomatic. All campus community members must record their temperature and complete risk screening questions in an online Daily Screening Form.



Infographic shows a human figure inside a marroon house surrounded by a tartan circle which says,...


If you feel ill, do not go to work or classes. Self-isolate and stay at home or in your residence hall room and contact your health care provider or Wilcox Medical Center at (989) 463-7181 for direction.



Technology Upgrades
  • In order to create opportunities for students to attend class virtually, the college has upgraded its learning management system. Moodle has been phased out, and Canvas, an improved learning management system, has been implemented for the fall semester.

  • The college has invested in Owls, which allows students who are present in the classroom to engage in discussion with those attending class virtually. Google microphones in each classroom will also facilitate better audio for students who are attending class virtually. 
Faculty Office Hours 
  • Faculty are holding office hours either in person or virtually, depending on faculty and student preferences. When visiting any office to seek assistance in person, students should wear a face covering and abide by social distancing guidelines.
Student Support Services
  • Staff in academic student support offices, including tutoring, career services and the writing center, are offering some services virtually. 
Performing Arts
  • Some performing arts events have been moved to smaller scale performances, which may be live-streamed.

  • Choir rehearsals are now staggered, with smaller groups of students attending each day.