Alma College Athletics has issued a statement regarding the postponement of the 2020 fall sports season.

Resumption of sport activities will take place based on local public health conditions and institutional capacity to complete appropriate screening, testing, and contact tracing. We have created our best practices with guidance from the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), in addition to local and campus regulations.

An abundance of caution is being used in all circumstances and each sport will be assessed for each phase to appropriately minimize risk (e.g. individual vs. team sports; contact vs. non-contact sports; major spectator vs. limited spectator sports).

Each head coach, program director, or operations director are considering how each of the three phases are being safely and effectively implemented within their specific program.

For information regarding spectator policies, visit the Outdoor Spectator Policy page and the Indoor Spectator Policy page.

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New Procedures
  • COVID-19 Education: All student-athletes, coaches and staff that are involved with athletics on campus must take part in a mandatory education session conducted by the Alma Sports Medicine (ASM) staff. 

  • Daily Screens and Temperature Checks: Alma College Athletics is utilizing the accepted screening protocols for the entire institution. Prior to practice, the team’s athletic trainer, clinical students, or coaching staff will conduct temperature checks with an infrared thermometer.  

  • Social  Distancing: Social distancing is required on campus. The only exception will be during athletic practices/events depending on test results..    

  • Face Coverings: Athletics staff and student-athletes will comply with college face covering guidelines. The only exception will be when student-athletes are engaged in physical activity, as that would create a risk for other health issues. 

  • Hydration Policy and Procedures: Student-athletes will be required to provide their own water bottle. There will be no sharing of water bottles and no use of water fountains. The ASM staff will provide water stations for student-athletes in the event that a water bottle needs to be refilled. If a student-athlete needs to have a water bottle filled, they will bring the water bottle to the water station with the cap off. The Alma College athletic trainer will then fill the water bottle for the student-athlete. The ASM staff will be the only person who can touch the water stations at any time. This will eliminate any common touch points between student-athletes, staff and coaches.   

  • Equipment Cleaning Procedures: Athletics staff and student-athletes will comply with all college cleaning guidelines. 

  • Procedure for  Injuries: If an injury occurs, the ASM staff will have access to the Athletic Training Room (ATR) for evaluation. Student-athletes and staff are required to wear a face covering at all times when receiving treatment in the ATR. Cleaning procedures are in place to clean all equipment that is used by the ASM staff and the injured student-athlete.
COVID-19 Policies
  • Student-Athletes with COVID-19 Symptoms,  Testing,  Isolation and  Quarantine: Athletics will comply with college protocols for students that have symptoms, test positive, or come into contact with an individual that has had a positive COVID-19 test.

  • Return-to-Exercise and Sport After COVID-19 Diagnosis: Any student-athlete diagnosed with COVID-19 must provide written clearance for resumption of activities by the team physician prior to returning to athletics. This clearance is in addition to the general clearance for return-to-campus required for the general student body, faculty, and staff. After clearance to return to physical activity following COVID-19 diagnosis, student-athletes will return to play following the “COVID-19 Return-to-Play Algorithm for Competitive Athlete and Highly Active People,” from the Journal of the American Medical Association.