Zeta Sigma


“God favored this country as no other land on earth. The day is coming when we shall be held accountable for our heritage when the whole world will look to us for guidance.”            

— Frank Knox, Zeta Sigma Alum

Zeta Sigma House Dedication

Alma College’s only local fraternity started its roots on the Alma campus on November 15, 1887. Zeta Sigma’s past member’s influence can be seen all over campus on buildings that are named for and after some of the fraternity’s alumni due to their generous contributions to Alma College.

About Zeta Sigma

Zeta Sigma logo

The Zeta Sigma colors are green and gold, which each Zeta Sigma wears proudly as he seeks and attempts to develop such qualities as loyalty, honor, and respect.


Zeta Sigma takes pride in the philanthropic activities that we can be involved in our communities. The Sigs are supporters of the Police Athletic League that sponsors co-ed youth sports for children in Gratiot County. Each brother gives time volunteering in the setup, game operation, admission, and concessions associated with the Police Athletic League programs. Zeta Sigma also gives back in a variety of other ways such as Adopt A Family, the Kids Night Out program and Relay For Life!


The fraternity strives to find men of high moral character who illustrate strong moral fiber and a desire to grow in their area of study and work. We seek and attempt to develop such qualities as loyalty, honor, respect for others, and high ideals for brotherhood. We set forth goals to better our community and our school while also improving ourselves, our relationships, and our minds. 

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