Interfraternity Council

The Alma College Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the governing body for the six social fraternities on campus.

The IFC serves to assist all of the fraternities in developing stronger chapters and providing educational opportunities for all of their members.

Recruitment Information:

If you are interested in joining out of our chapters please come out for winter recruitment! Winter recruitment will kick off on 1/26/2019. To register for recruitment click HERE!

The IFC has an executive board made up of nine officers including President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fraternity Affairs Chair, Special Events Chair, Public Relations Chair and two Rush Chairmen. 

IFC plans fall and winter recruitment for the fraternities. IFC also helps coordinate All-Greek events with Panehllenic Council for the Greek community.

Scholarship is important tot he fraternities on campus. Check out the Fall 2018 scholarship statistics below.

Chapter  Cumulative  Winter 2019 New Member Cumulative New Member Winter 2019
Delta Gamma Tau 2.883 2.664 2.698 2.239
Phi Mu Alpha 3.343 3.259 3.58 3.417
Tau Kappa Epsilon 2.772 2.805 2.80 2.671
Theta Chi 3.031 2.784 3.024 2.85
Sigma Chi 3.058 2.942 3.195 3.043
Zeta Sigma 3.052 2.922 3.037 2.911
All IFC 3.023 2.896 3.056 2.855
Total number of students F=793  M=546        
Average all student GPA  3.04        
Average all male GPA 2.85        
Average all first year GPA 2.86        
Average all first year male GPA  2.68