Student Activities Office

Greek Life

Alma College has five social sororities, four nationally affiliated sororities and one local sorority and five social fraternities, three nationally affiliated and two local chapters.

Each Greek chapter has a small housing unit that some chapter members live in during the academic year. Delta Gamma Tau is in the process of building a new house. Chapter houses are open to all chapter members to hang out, watch TV, work on homework and do other bonding activities. Individual chapter membership ranges from 15-55 members. 

The Greek chapters at Alma College strive for academic excellence. Each chapter has an appointed scholarship chair who takes on the role of making sure academic goals are met.

Chapter members are involved in various activities and organizations on campus ranging from being an RA to being involved in math club to playing lacrosse. Being Greek doesn’t just mean being a chapter member; it means being a leader on campus and making difference in the Alma community.