Registrar’s Office

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I request an official Transcript?

Go to, scroll to bottom of page, select current or former student and follow the directions to request an Official Transcript. 

**** If you are a Current student you will be prompted to log into your Student Portal. If you are a Former student you can no longer use your Alma email to log in. You will need to use an alternate email address to log in or create an account. ****

2. How can I add an attachment (cover sheet, application, additional information, etc.) to my Official Transcript

After you have logged in or registered for an account through Parchment, you will have the option to upload attachments during Step 3 of the ordering process.

FAQ step 2

3. What if I only need an Unofficial Transcript?

If you are a Current Alma Student you can view/print an Unofficial Transcript by going to Student Services>> Profile>> Transcript inside your Alma student portal.

If you are a Former Alma Student and no longer have access to your previous student profile, you will be required to request an Official Transcript.

4. How do I request an Enrollment Verification? *Enrollment verification information for the current term will not be available until after the 10th
day of the term.

Login to your Inside Alma Portal and click Links in the bottom left-hand side of the page.

FAQ step 4








Next, click Enrollment Verification and you will be redirected to the National Student Clearinghouse website. Click Current enrollment to see only the current term or click All enrollment to see all terms. Lastly, click Obtain an enrollment certificate.

5. How do I Navigate my Student Portal?

FAQ 5.1 updated














FAQ 5.2 updated











FAQ 5.3

6. How can I see my grades?

First, go to My Services >>

FAQ step 6.1

Select Student Services >>

FAQ step 6.2

Select Academic Profile >>

FAQ step 6.3













Select Grade and Chose Term you wish to view grades from >>

FAQ grade and choose 














Grade 1 = Midterm grade

Final Grade = Final (entered at end of term)

* This screen also shows term GPA *

FAQ step 6.5

7. How can I view my class schedule?

Select My Services >> 

FAQ step 7.1











Select Student Services >>

FAQ step 7.2















Select Academic Profile >> 

FAQ step 7.3













Select My Class Schedule & Choose Term >>

FAQ step 7.4

8. How do I request transfer credits?

You will need to complete the Approval Form for Transfer of Credit form found on our website under Forms and Policies and return it to the Registrar’s Office with all appropriate signatures included (the signatures required on this form are all from Alma Faculty, Staff and Administration).

Next, contact the college you will be taking the course at and follow their procedures for Admission & Registration.

Once the course has been successfully completed, Alma College will need an Official Transcript sent from the college the course was taken to our Registrar’s Office.

***Only courses graded with a C or better will transfer into Alma. Refer to your Major department to determine if a grade higher than C is required for this particular course.***

9. How do I register for courses from my Student Portal?

**Please double check that you are selecting the correct term when searching for courses and trying to register.**

To search for a course, please complete the following instructions:

  1. Upon logging into the InsideAlma Portal, open “Student Services” and in the menu and select “Registration” in the open listing.
    FAQ 9.1

  2. Selecting “Registration” will then display the following menu:
    FAQ 9.2
  3. Select “Search and Register for Sections” – you will then be brought to a menu under “Search for Sections” (as shown above with the red arrow). Select the Term of FA2019 and select a Subject with the drop-down menu. It is better to keep search parameters limited to bring up as many course options as possible.
    FAQ 9.3
  4. After courses are selected – they will remain under the Web Advisor “Preferred Sections” list. This was formerly referred to as the “shopping cart”. This is a list that a student can build BEFORE registration is open. Courses will remain in the “Preferred Sections” location until each course has the Action of “Register” selected for it and the “Submit” button pushed (located at the bottom of the page).
    FAQ 9.4
  5. Students should be aware that simply having courses displayed under the “Preferred Sections” location does not mean you are registered for the course, but that it is in the holding area to register. Below is an example of what a student’s “Preferred Sections” area will look like when classes are being held for a later date:
    FAQ 9.5
  6. In order to register for a course open the Action Area to the left of each course and hit select the status of “Register” then “Submit” at the bottom of the page. Note: courses that require permission cannot be registered for online. You will need to submit a signed add form to the Registrar’s Office on or after your registration date.
  7. After registering for classes check your upcoming fall schedule under “My Class Schedule” under the student services tab. It will display “Current Registrations”.
    FAQ 9.7

Manage My Waitlist

After you have registered for courses for the upcoming term. Courses that are full will move the course into a waitlist area. By going to “Mange my Waitlist” under the Registration menu students can remove courses, register for courses if registration is open and the course has remaining seats. If a course is full, you will be prompted to either search for another section or to add the course to your waitlist. If you add the course to your waitlist, when a space opens up, students will be notified by email and registered for the class as long as the class fits into their schedule. If the class does not fit into their schedule, the Registrar’s Office will send the student an email with a deadline to respond with their requested schedule adjustments to accommodate the course or be removed from the waitlist. If a student fails to respond by the deadline, they are removed from the waitlist and the next student in line is contacted.

Waitlist ranking is based upon time and date of request, with the first request in first position. Please note: A small number of courses do not use the waitlist function - instructor permission would be necessary to add these courses once they are full.

FAQ quick tips


Dropping Courses – and Trouble Shooting

Once a course is registered, you may click the “Drop” button in order to drop the course if portal is open.

If students are unable to register for courses, here are a few things to check:

  1. Is the student registering on the correct day? See above classification schedule at the top of this document.
  2. Are there any restrictions (advising holds, business office holds, etc.) on the account? Contact the advisor or the appropriate office to release the hold.
  3. While the system will perform a preliminary check of prerequisites and other course eligibility requirements, it is the student’s responsibility to review the catalog and assure that s/he meets all requirements. If, after registration, it is determined that a student does not meet a requirement, s/he will be dropped from the class.