Registrar’s Office

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request an official transcript?

Visit the transcripts web page. At the top of the page, select current or former student and follow the instructions to request an official transcript.

If you are a current student you will be prompted to log into your Student Portal.

If you are a former student you can no longer use your Alma email to log in. You will need to use an alternate email address to log in or create an account. 

How can I add an attachment (cover sheet, application, additional information, etc.) to my official transcript?

After you have logged in or registered for an account through Parchment, you will have the option to upload attachments during Step 3 of the ordering process.


What if I only need an unofficial transcript or would just like to view my grades?

If you are a former student and no longer have access to your previous student profile, you will be required to request an official transcript. 

If you are a current student, you can view or print an unofficial transcript/grade report through your Alma student portal.

How do I request an enrollment verification? 

Login to your Inside Alma Portal and click on Academic Resources in the menu on the left side of the page. Click on the Enrollment Verification tab.

Please note that enrollment verification information for the current term will not be available until after the 10th day of the term. 



How can I plan my degree and schedule my courses?

 Select Plan & Schedule under Student Planning (directly below the Alma College logo). Timeline View - Click on the Timeline for a visual look at your course plan. Completed courses will appear to the right.

 You may remove a planned course or planned section from a current or future term on your plan by using one of the following methods:

  • To remove an individual course, select the Schedule or the Timeline view from the Plan & Schedule tab. When prompted to Confirm Remove Course select Remove.
  • To remove all planned courses, select the Schedule or the Timeline view from the Plan & Schedule tab. Next select Remove Planned Courses. The Remove Planned Courses prompt will display along with the term hosting planned courses. Select Remove.
  • NOTE: You may NOT remove a course or section from the plan once you have registered for a section of it in that term or if the course has been marked as “protected” by your academic
  • advisor




Compare Course Plans

If you have multiple declared programs, you can see the layouts in the Timeline at the same time. However, they will display together, but not indicate which course is for which program. This can be confusing and may require you to work with your advisor to clear overlapping courses and further clarify your future academic plan.

Change an Academic Program

You cannot change your program in Student Planning. However, you can use View a New Program as a “what if” scenario. Once you select a program from the list, a temporary “My Progress” view of where you currently stand in the program you selected will display. This “what if” program considers completed coursework and future planned courses. If you want to make a permanent program change, please complete the respective electronic Major or Minor Declaration form found within the My Forms area of your Inside Alma portal to make this change.

Plan & Schedule: Schedule View

The Schedule tab is where you can schedule and register for courses. The Schedule view shows a semester plan. You can only view semesters that are open for registration in this view.

Search for Course Sections

Two methods may be used to find courses: (1) Search for courses in the search box at the top of the page OR (2) Use Search for Courses field within the Course Catalog (found on the home page of Self-Service).

  • Search for Courses use this field by entering a specific course, such as ART-111, or by entering a keyword that appears somewhere in the course information, such as the course title. As shown to the left of the page under Filter Results you may search for open sections, days of the week, instructors and even course types and levels. Select “View Available Sections” under a course to view specific course information. 
  • Course Catalog use this functionality to view all available courses by clicking into the search box and pressing enter or for a subject by first browsing a list of subjects, then filtering within the subject.
    • You can enter a specific Subject (ART) and once taken to the catalog area additional filter and search options are available. Filter Results will include the option to search only open sections, certain days of the week, instructors and even course types and levels. Select “View Available Sections” under a course to view specific course information.

         With both options, you may add a section to your schedule from search results by clicking Add                 Course To Plan (in the top right blue box).

Selecting Available Sections to “Register Now”

While under the Schedule view you may see a course that is planned, but a specific section is not selected. The course will show to the left of the schedule, and your schedule will not display the course. Simply open the course (to the left of the page) to see the optional sections. They will display in purple on your plan (See with ECN-111-03 and 05 as shown below:










Common Schedule Adjustments (Add a section, Remove a planned course, Drop a course) 

  1. View and filter available sections for courses on a course plan:
    • If the course is already on your plan, use the View Other Sections link to add other sections to schedule.
    • Courses with no meeting time will appear at the bottom of the view.

      2. View and filter planned course sections:

A status will be documented such as Registered, but not started for currently enrolled courses in the upcoming term that has not started yet.











a. To remove a course from your plan which you are not yet registered for by selecting the “X” on the course on the schedule. If a conflict exists - the details of the conflict are viewed to the right on schedule, and to the left with a warning. The software will not allow you to schedule for conflicting classes:



 b. To drop a course on the plan you ARE registered for, when the portal is open you may select the Drop button for the course as shown below:












How do I request transfer credit?

You will need to complete the electronic Transfer Credit Approval form found within the My Forms area of your Inside Alma portal, so we can evaluate each course for your specifically.

Next, contact the college you will be taking the course at and follow their procedures for Admission & Registration.

Once the course has been successfully completed, Alma College will need an Official Transcript sent directly from the college the course was taken to our Registrar’s Office.

****Only courses graded with a C or better will transfer into Alma. Refer to your Major department to determine if a grade higher than C is required for this particular course.****

Quick Tips

Manage My Waitlist

If you add the course to your waitlist, when a space opens up, you will be notified by email and registered for the class as long as the class fits into their schedule. If the class does not fit into your schedule, the Registrar’s Office will send you an email with a deadline to respond with your requested schedule adjustments to accommodate the course or be removed from the waitlist. If no response is received by the deadline, you will be removed from the waitlist and the next student in line would be contacted.

Waitlist ranking is based upon time and date of request, with the first request in first position. Please note: A small number of courses do not use the waitlist function - instructor permission would be necessary to add these courses once they are full.

Registration Trouble Shooting

If you are unable to register for courses, here are a few things to check:

  1. Are you trying to registering on the correct day? Credits earned only count credits which are complete and final on your transcript. Credits for courses in progress do not count in this calculation.
  2. Are there any restrictions (advising holds, business office holds, etc.) on your account? Contact your advisor or the appropriate office to release their hold.
  3. While the system will perform a preliminary check of prerequisites and other course eligibility requirements, it is your responsibility to review the catalog and assure that all requirements have been met. If, after registration, it is determined that you do not meet a requirement, you will be dropped from the class.