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The 2022-23 Presidential Speaker Series seeks to answer the questions: What communities are we a part of, and what do they owe society at large? As members of communities, what does it mean to “do your part?” How does individual responsibility affect community responsibility?

We are all members of communities, be they small and intimate or broad and almost intangible. At the same time, we are all individuals, with a unique set of experiences that affect the way we think, perceive and behave. We generally accept that we owe a debt to ourselves, as well as to our communities, in order to sustain both.

The Presidential Speaker Series will explore the meaning behind that debt — how we can use our resources, leverage our sense of shared responsibility, invest in our communities, and find shared purpose and benefits.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate and engage in dialogue. Please check back regularly, as we will continue to add new dates and speakers.

Upcoming Speakers

Adam Tietje

7 p.m., Nov. 11, 2022

Adam Tietje served as an active duty U.S. Army chaplain for nine years with ground combat, special operations,
and medical units, including a deployment to Afghanistan.

He will speak to Alma students, staff and faculty on the subjects of “war, care and the church.”

David Hogg

7 p.m., Oct. 6, 2022

David Hogg rose to prominence during the 2018 United States gun violence protests as a student survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida.

He will speak to Alma students, staff and faculty on the subject of community and personal responsibility, through the lens of gun violence in schools.

More Information

For more information, please contact the Rev. Dr. Andrew Pomerville at (989) 463-7231 or text (517) 927-5260 or email