Index of Publications

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Since 2000, the Michigan Academician has been available online through the Gale Database (by library subscription). Also, ProQuest and EBSCO are licensed to distribute journal articles. Back issues of most issues of the Michigan Academician are available from the Academy office for $17 per copy.  Individual articles can also be ordered for a fee. Download, print, and mail an order form.

Publication History

In 1900, the Michigan Academy began publishing papers presented at its annual meetings which have been held since 1894. They have been published annually without interruption, but they have appeared under three different periodical titles over the years:

From 1900 to 1921, the papers were published once annually in a single bound volume as a Report of the Michigan Academy of Science.  Generally, these volumes published the papers from the meeting of the year previously, though they occasionally published papers from the annual meetings of several preceding years.  In the following index, the boldfaced headings (in Word) and the online year links indicate the years of the meetings at which the papers were presented (this date sometimes actually appears on the spine of the volume); the year in parentheses within the actual citations indicates the year of the volume’s publication.

From 1922 to 1968, the papers were published once annually in a single bound volume and then eventually in quarterly installments as Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters.  Again, within this index, the boldfaced heading and online year links indicate the date of the meeting at which most of these papers had been presented.  The year cited in parentheses indicates the actual year of publication.

From 1969 to the present, the papers have been published in quarterly numbers of the Michigan Academician.  The boldfaced headings in the Word document again indicate the year in which the bulk of the papers were presented (usually the previous year); however, because of the publication schedule, in some cases, the year of presentation and publication may be the same.  In other cases, one or more years may have elapsed between the date of presentation and the date of publication.  In the online version of the index, it is listed by volume number rather than by year.

A complete index of all papers published by the Academy in its more than 100-year history is available online:

Please note that the publishing date of the articles (in most causes) is the year following the annual meeting at which it was presented.