Read what publishers, authors and mentors think of the Academy!

“The Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, & Letters is the premier regional multidisciplinary academic society in and near Michigan. The Michigan Academy provides a valuable regional forum for exchanging ideas within a given discipline or across disciplines. Scholars at multiple levels (graduate student, junior scholar, senior scholar) have the opportunity to meet face to face at an annual conference that is often within a reasonable driving distance. Scholars from all around Michigan (and beyond) meet for a day of interesting papers and lively conversation. The Michigan Academy also provides an opportunity for publication of these and other papers in its journal, The Michigan Academician. I especially recommend it as a hospitable environment for working on problems from multiple disciplines, particularly from or for the Great Lakes region.”

“Not all the research that takes place in academia takes place in the large public-supported universities. Thankfully, there are organizations like the Michigan Academy, which provide an incentive and a venue for scholars in smaller colleges to pursue their interests. Over the many years I have been a member of the Academy, I have met several of the same presenters each year and we had a good time reading our papers to each other. The atmosphere was relaxed and informal; discussions were kindly and helpful. I was able to present every year I was a member. And much of my work, adapted and enlarged, led to publication in various journals and presentations in other academic situations. It was also a fine opportunity — and privilege — to hear students present well-vetted papers and to offer encouragement as the next generation prepares to move into the world of research and scholarship…”

“I have attended and presented at five Michigan Academy conferences. I found each of the experiences to be personally fulfilling and professionally stimulating. The wide variety of research topics presented by the conference attendees were high quality and current.”

“The Michigan Academy of Science, Arts & Letters is a venerable institution that enriches the intellectual and academic life of Michigan. The annual conference provides an open and supportive community for the presentation of research projects large and small. It also promotes communication across disciplines in an era when the pressures of academic publishing often push scholars toward more and more esoteric research. This conference encourages scholars to make their work available to the broadest possible audience.”

“Over the past five years, I’ve mentored the involvement of twelve undergraduate students with the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters.  …The experience they have gained has been invaluable in informing their careers by providing distinctive items for their resume and more importantly by giving them a clear sense of what happens at a scientific meeting. In addition to providing an opportunity for students to develop skills in presenting their scientific results, the students consistently comment that it is really fun and encouraging to learn what people at other schools are working on in their field of scientific interest. It gives them a first-hand experience of what a science research meeting is like, without having to travel to a large meeting at distant location. Students gain the confidence that they can and do contribute to the broader research community. Today, eight of the twelve students are in either graduate or profession schools.”