History & Constitution


The Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters has a stated mission to “disseminate research and diffuse knowledge.” The organization met yearly in Lansing, East Lansing or Ann Arbor, with the stated purpose of reading and discussing scientific papers and “to forward the scientific [study of the] resources of the state… . ” Charter members regularly advised the State of Michigan on matters ranging from conservation and the preservation of natural species to map making. 

In 1921, the Academy became “The Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters,” and within months, the Academy blossomed with several new sections devoted to humanities disciplines and the organization took on the interdisciplinary character that it retains to this day. (Note: only two other state academies include the humanities disciplines.)

Today, the Academy is located at Alma College and is funded primarily from individual and institutional membership fees. Conference registration fees, journal subscriptions and royalties also provide financial support. In 1998, the Academy received a small endowment from Judge Avern Cohn for a prize for the most outstanding paper presented on the topic of law and public policy.


Michigan Academy’s Constitution was most recently updated and ratified in September 2005.

Annual Conference

Each year a different one of our member institutions hosts our annual, regional, multi-disciplinary, conference. The conference date is determined by the host institution and is always on a Friday, usually in March.