Information Technology Services

Staff Remote Resources

The following resources are available to faculty and staff working off campus.


  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN) – This provides access to on-campus systems and services (e.g. Colleague, Department file shares).
  • Remote Desktop Service (RDS) – This provides access to Crystal Reports, SoftDocs, Other Windows Desktop Apps.
  • Phone twinning and department call routing – Your office extension can be twinned with a personal land line or mobile device. Incoming calls will ring directly to your off campus phone. The service may be turned on and off through the portal.
  • Microsoft Teams – This video conferencing tool is available for staff through Office 365.  Faculty also have access to Teams but will typically use Google Meet when communicating with students.  
  • IT Support - ITS is able to provide web based remote support for internet connected personal or college owned devices on or off campus.

Recommended Actions

  • Request VPN/RDP service – if you may require off-campus access to department file shares (Q:\ drive) or on-campus systems like Colleague. This can be done through the help desk.
  • Enable desk phone twinning – This can be done through a help desk request.