Self Service Application For Mac Users

Alma College Information Technology Services would like to announce a new application that has been delivered to all college-owned Macs – Self Service.

Self Service is already available in the Applications folder of your college-owned Mac and provides a one-stop shop for updates, plugins, applications, documentation, submitting help desk tickets, and even maintenance tools for your computer.

To locate Self Service, navigate to the Finder icon in your dock (typically located at the far left) and double-click to open a finder window. Click on the Applications folder and locate “Self Service” in your list of applications. The icon for the application is an Alma College “A” logo. You can drag this icon to your dock to keep it there as a favorite application. Double-click this application either in the Applications folder or in your dock and it should launch.

Self Service Applications Folder

The Self Service “Library” is the default launch screen. You will see a list of library categories down the left side of the screen. In the upper right corner of the screen is a “Log In” link. You do not need to log in to the Self Service application to get to the standard suite of applications and updates, but logging in could add additional items that you have access to based on your department or role at the college.

You’ll find that each tool within Self Service has a button attached to Update, Install, Run, or Open depending on what that tool does. Among the tools available are maintenance scripts (feel free to ignore unless guided to by IT staff), multimedia applications, productivity applications, plugins, printers, and web browsers. Simply click on the Update, Install, Run, or Open button.

Self Service Install Or Update

Self Service is the recommended tool for adding printers to your Mac. Simply go to the Printers link, locate the printer you would like to add, and click on “Install”. The process only takes a couple of seconds.

Self Service Add Printers

In addition to the applications, scripts, and updates in the Library, the Self Service application also has an easy link to the Help Desk allowing you to submit a ticket for IT support or to browse the IT knowledgebase documents.

The Self Service application will grow and change as we have more applications, services, and tools available. If you have any suggestions or questions about the content or use of Self Service please contact Andrew Bare at or #7420.